The Rat Patrol

Season 2 Episode 23

The Hickory Dickory Dock Raid

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Feb 26, 1968 on ABC

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    I don't remember seeing this episode when it originally premiered, so when I watched it recently it was for the first time. I honestly can't think of anything else a Rat Patrol fan would want in an episode, although Dietrich's character doesn't have a part here. Moffitt gets a letter from home just before a mission stating that his younger brother has been killed in an air raid bombing attack. Naturally, he is upset and wants to kill every German in sight. Troy, on the other hand, not only has to contend with getting their mission accomplished, but now has Moffitt going off on his personal vendetta and putting everyone at risk. Troy can't really yell at him, sucks, he just lost a brother ya know, so he tries some "reverse" psychology and tells Moffitt they don't have the luxury to personalize the enemy but blows it when he says "I know how you must feel" at which point Moffitt calls his bluff and basically says, "Oh, how many brothers have you lost lately?". Anyway, the dialogue between the two is realistic and reveals strong threads about their characters. Tully and Hitch are privy to the sergeants' conversations, but like wise privates, they keep their opinions to themselves on this one.
    I think this is the only episode in season two where vintage WWII footage is used and it's amazing. Mostly airshots from B-24s flying high and very low over desert landscapes bombing the hell out of some enemy force on the ground. True to Rat Patrol form though, when spliced together with the action on the ground, it doesn't seem to really fit, but what the hey, there is always something to ponder about with this show.
    Also, for a change, Tully gets shot in this episode instead of Hitch, but it occurs at the very end and not much scene time is devoted, which is unfortunate given the fact that Justin Tarr is not present for 4 episodes during this season.
    Anyway, at the end the mission is completed and Moffitt pulls Troy away from the group so he can apologize for his conduct. Troy says "no prob homey" (okay, not really!) and adds that Moffitt was just "strung up"...strung up? Moffitt then tries to reason his tragedy out..."Boy dies in England, fifty men are saved out here...I suppose it does add up to something?" Troy thinks so, well, kinda. Perhaps what Moffitt was really asking was "Hey Sarge, do you think I killed enough Germans to avenge my brother's death?" On a final note, this might have been the episode that Larry Casey commented on during a recent interview in which he remembered a script line that had Gary Raymond looking at his watch and saying nonchalantly that it was his birthday. If it was, that particular scene was obviously cut for it doesn't occur in any of the series episodes, which is unfortunate for two reasons. The first, that Mr. Casey specifically still remembers it after almost 40 years, and secondly, because it would have made this episode even better!