The Rat Patrol

Season 1 Episode 4

The Kill or Be Killed Raid

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Oct 03, 1966 on ABC

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  • The Kill Or Be Killed Raid

    The 4th episode of Rat Patrol begins immediately with what must be another one of Sgt. Troy's bizarre plans. I suspect high command passes the missions down and it's up to Troy to figure out the "best" way to go about it. An ancient, undeciphered map is in a German HQ building, and the map is rumored to show the location of a hidden water source that would prove invaluable to either side. The plan is for Moffitt to impersonate Professor Ulrich (who is being sent from Berlin) to study the map, translate it, and get away. The catch is that Troy gives him just until midnight to accomplish the mission, after which Troy will kill him!

    Everything goes well at first. A captured German staff car and uniform gets Moffitt into Colonel Schweiger's HQ, and he quickly makes sense of the ancient parchment. Hitch and Troy have positioned themselves in a nearby building to pick up (or kill) Moffitt. Unfortunately, a phone call brings Colonel Schweiger the news that the real Ulrich has been killed and the game is up for Moffitt.

    Colonel Schweiger beats up Moffitt to get information, but Moffitt is made of stout British stuff. Colonel Schweiger decides it's a job for the Gestapo, and arranges to haul him away. Meanwhile, Hitch and Troy are on top on a building overlooking the HQ; Hitch has killed a drunken German while watching Troy's back (Hitch is somehow the enforcer of the team, his sweet face hides a ruthless heart! Hitch tries to cover this fact by saying the German "tripped", but Troy knows better) and attempts to talk Troy out of shooting Moffitt. Troy has a job to do, and as Moffitt is led out the building by guards, he prepares to shoot the woozy comrade. Suddenly, a German soldier and his girlfriend stroll up onto the rooftop where Troy and Hitch are concealed, and Troy blasts the surprised landser with a full burst. Moffitt comes back to life and and jumps into a halftrack while Troy and Moffitt riddle the hapless Germans from the rooftop. Then they jump into the halftrack where Troy makes good use of the mounted heavy machinegun. After a bit more carnage from the rampaging halftrack, the commandos jump out of it and Troy flames it with a grenade (including one German who we get to see bbq'd!) Then they get back to the jeeps where Tully is waiting and off they go.

    Next they are at the location of the hidden spring, and a demolition charge proves there is indeed water there under the sand. Mission accomplished, but Moffitt wonders out loud if Troy would have really killed him. "Well, you had your chance, " Moffitt concludes, "and missed it!" Troy just grins about it; after all, if Moffitt is on the next mission, then Troy will get his chances then.

    A very average episode. If the Rats could sneak in and out of the HQ's village so easily, I'm sure they could have found a better way to get the parchment into Moffitt's hands than the plan they used. There wasn't a whole lot of drama since we know Troy wasn't going to kill Moffitt. The scenes in the HQ are fairly good, but the mission itself requires a lot of suspension of disbelief, it is so outlandish. And no Hauptmann Dietrich in this one.