The Rat Patrol

Season 2 Episode 9

The Kingdom Come Raid

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Nov 13, 1967 on ABC

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  • Great storyline, plot and character development!

    Another fine episode from season two! The story begins with the Rat Patrol meeting with Major Burrows to find out if there's been any news of their missing mate, Hitch. Seems like he was detached temporarily from Troy's outfit because his knowledge in ordinance was needed to help test out the army's new artillery shell. The gang then takes off to find Hitch's last reported position.
    Meanwhile, Hitch's unit is getting blasted by some mean German tank fire. He and Corporal Meekin are trying to stand their ground, but it doesn't look good. Meekin wants to hop in a jeep and leave, Hitch wants to stay because he's still trying to prove to the world he ain't no sissy. When Hitch tells him to get another box of ammo, Meekin leaves but heads straight to the jeep. Hitch tells him to come back, but Meekin pulls out his handgun and shoots poor Hitch in the head! Bad, bad boy! He then saves his own skin and leaves the wounded Hitch for the Germans to pick up.
    Troy and the gang finally arrive on scene, but they're too late. Nothing is left to do but figure out who's dead and who's missing. Tully relays the news to the major and also asks for a burial detail. Troy notices a set of lone jeep tracks leaving the area and thinks it might be a good idea to go follow them. They eventually find the abandoned jeep, and Moffitt's sharp eyes spot a person stumbling around in the distance. It's Meekin, but when asked, he tells Troy he left Hitch back at the ambush site. The major calls them on the radio and informs of a recon sighting of one of the missing trucks from Hitch's unit that's in with a Jerry convoy. Off they go to find the truck and hopefully Hitch along with it.
    By nightfall, Troy and company have located the German camp. Moffitt, being Moffitt, asks Troy if they should go "spread a little alarm and despondency?" "Why not?" Well, of course, that's what this show's all about, isn't it? Troy finds the wounded Hitch in back of the missing supply truck, but the poor thing isn't in a position to say, "Hey sarge, what's up?". He gets Tully and Meekin to stay with Hitch, while he goes and helps Moffitt out.
    Once in the truck, Meekin starts arming the fuses on the artillery shells behind Tully's back. Seems like he's planning on trying to finish killing Hitch and anyone else that gets in the way. His plan gets skewed when he learns Troy is leaving the jeeps behind and just taking the truck. Naturally, when they leave, the Germans wake up and start firing, but our guys escape without a scratch. As the day progresses, the truck is slowing making its way to some mountain pass. I guess when they get over the pass, they'll be safe, at least that's what Troy told Tully. Moffitt, who is driving, peers back inside the cab and asks how Hitch is doing. Tully tells him, "The same" and wants to know how much further 'til the pass. "Two, maybe three miles" answers Moffitt. Tully gets this look on his face that can be interpreted in one of two ways. Either, "My gosh, I hope we get there soon so poor Hitch can get medical treatment", or "My gosh, if I spend two more seconds in the back of this hot, stinking truck I'm going to desert!"
    Troy looks at an altimeter and asks Meekin if it's used for testing the fuses. Meekin says yeah, but he's looking like he's getting car sick. Actually, he's watching the needle getting closer to the 300 foot altitude mark he set for the fuses to go off and blow the truck up. (Hmmmm, I would have thought that most of North Africa would be higher than 300 ft above sea level, but I can't digress here too much, it's really a good episode.) Now the buzzing sound of a plane engine can be heard and it seems like Jerry has found the patrol. Moffitt pulls the truck over and everybody gets out. They try shooting at the plane as it makes it strifing run, but they're much better at blowing up slow moving tanks and the plane escapes damage. It keeps going and the boys think it's because the pilot is low on gas. Hitch then moans, "He shot me!" which gets everyone's attention. Troy asks him what's wrong and Hitch adds "Meekin...he...Meekin."
    Meekin thinks Hitch is just mistaking him for the Kraut that shot him, but when Hitch moans out "he ran in the jeep" everyone starts getting real suspicious looks on their faces. They take off again, but not before Meekin tries to take over driving the truck. It doesn't take too much longer before a patrolling German half-track spots the truck. As they set up to ambush our boys, Meekin is getting paler by the second. He rushes to the front and tells Moffitt to stop the truck because he's sick. "That's too bad!" Atta boy, Moffitt, you tell 'em! Tully gives Troy one of those, "I think something's up with this guy" looks. Sure enough, Meekin panics and tells Troy he set the fuses on the shells to go off. Troy yells at Moffitt to stop the truck and Tully takes his Tommy gun and sticks it into Meekin's face. Before Meekin can be given a chance to unset the fuses, the Germans yell for the guys to get out of the truck. Well, Meekin does just that, although a bit prematurely and gets shot dead for it...too bad, couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.
    The commander and another soldier take the truck and start driving it up towards the pass, just a few hundred feet away. Troy and the others stall for time, the truck's gotta be getting close to 300 ft. Sure enough, it blows up and in the confusion, our guys take out the other soldiers and commandeer their half track. As they glance back at the burning truck, Moffitt comments they know now the "ruddy fuses" work. Troy asks how Hitch is doing, and Tully, being Tully, responds "Over the hump, over the hump."