The Rat Patrol

Season 1 Episode 16

The Last Harbor Raid (2)

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Dec 26, 1966 on ABC

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  • The Last Harbor Raid Part 2

    After the "on last week's episode"; introduction, episode 15 gets underway with Moffitt and Hitch inside the German Officers' Club. Marianne is singing to the German officers sitting about, conducting singalongs (which Hitch can't participate in--his mouth is covered in bandages since he can't speak German). Marianne is great stuff for these entertainment-starved soldiers, and receives a standing ovation for her talents. Moffitt sends word for her to join their table, which she obliges. Moffitt introduces himself as Hauptmann Hoffman, and tells her that her father was killed (part of the plan is to pursuade her to rejoin the Allied cause by telling her the news that her father was killed by the Germans). Of course, she is upset by this bad news, and needs to leave the club, so Moffitt offers to drive her home, and they all leave together. Once at her home, Moffitt forces his way in before she can close the door, and spills the mission details out for her, hoping she can help contact the fishing fleet at the needed time. Marianne is skeptical about Moffitt's story, especially since he has already lied once about who he is, and she even wonders if he is a Gestapo agent. At any rate, she is also angry that they did nothing to help her father on the boat. Moffitt badgers her with all kinds of lines about saving lives and proving that she's not a German collaborator to her people, until finally she agrees to do what she can. Moffitt has Hitch stay behind to keep an eye on her, and warns her that he is adept at killing if he needs to do so. Moffitt leaves, and what he failed to mention to Marianne is that Hitch is a killer in more ways than one. Marianne changes into a bathrobe and pours some wine, telling Hitch that she actually worked at the officer's club in order to ferret out information for her father. She relates that they had to let people believe that she was a traitor in order to carry out her work for the underground. Hitch is sympathetic and things are about to get cozier when there is a knock on the door. It's a German soldier bringing her compact which she left at the club. After he leaves, Hitch asks if it was given to her for "services rendered", and she runs off to the bedroom sobbing. Meanwhile, Troy and Tully are hiding out by the beach, waiting for El Gamil to find a way to get Major Indrus out of the POW camp for a meeting. El Gamil is a miracle worker, and soon Indrus comes by in disguise. Troy lays the mission out for him--Indrus doesn't like the idea, since previous escape attempts resulted in deaths and reprisals. Troy does little to encourage enthusiasm from Indrus, epecially after telling the truth--there are only four of them, there's no guarantee that they can trust Marianne, and there's no guarantee that the fishing boats will be out there to pick the POWs up. Troy gives out details about burning the barracks at a specific time, arms for the POWs being hidden at certain spots, the beach being mined, possible air cover, etc. If I was Major Indrus, I don't think I would go along with this convoluted undertaking either. This part of the episode is somewhat humorous, as it seems that Troy has only negative answers for Indrus' questions. Yet, after pointing out that all of his men might die in the icy water (icy water off the immediate coast of North Africa???) , Indrus agrees to go along with it all. Welcome to the wild and crazy world of the Rat Patrol, Major! El Gamil's next miracle is to enable the Rats to reacquire the munitions left behind on the boat. Using his many children as lookouts and diversions to the guards, El Gamil and the Rats sneak into the warehouse where the munitions have been stored. El Gamil not only has come up with these keys to the warehouse, but also 2 German transport trucks to take it all away. The trucks are quickly loaded, and El Gamil waves the Rats to drive on without him, explaining that it is too dangerous for him to go along. They leave, and just as El Gamil is closing the doors of the emptied warehouse, a German patrol drives up. The Germans aren't too happy about the warehouse being empty, so they execute El Gamil as his children watch from the rooftops.

    Thus ends Part II of "The Last Harbor Raid".

    This is by far the most unusual episode in the series, simply because the pace is so much slower than any other. Spread out over three episodes, this story has the time to develop at the slower pace, have meaningful subplots, and character development that's missing in the standard episodes. It's a glimpse of how the series might have been if given an hour time slot instead of 30 minutes. It all comes off as more serious and less campy, and probably the high point of the series, at least in Season One.