The Rat Patrol

Season 2 Episode 12

The Life for a Life Raid

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Dec 04, 1967 on ABC

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  • Not very original, but Tully fans will like it!

    Essentially, a review of this episode could be written in three sentences, short ones at that. Rat Patrol saves Arab damsel ready to have a baby. Delivers baby while being attacked by Germans. Baby and mom live happily ever after.However, since reviews are limited to a minimum of 100 words, I suppose a little more reveal is required.
    Our heroes are hanging out in the shade by an oasis when they notice a pack of Arabs on horseback riding towards them dragging a pair of captives. Troy doesn't really like Arabs, so he confronts the leader and tells him he wants his prisoners. Chief Arab guy gives Troy one of his own "kill" looks and grudgingly throws down the ropes and then hightails it out of there. He doesn't go far though, and turns around with the rest of his band launching a suicide run at our gang. Well, they only have a few rifles and our boys have their submachine guns, not to mention the 50 cals on the jeeps. In about 3 seconds its all over, but one more rider-less horse comes trotting along out of no where. Curious, Troy and the gang go to investigate and find a very pregnant Arab woman sitting on the ground ready to pop.
    By the time they are escorting her back to the jeeps, one of the captives, a French resistance fighter, is crying over the grave of his wife, who didn't survive the dragging ordeal. He isn't happy the preggo is alive, she isn't happy her German conspirator husband is dead either. Troy tells Tully to radio for an ambulance so they can get rid of her before she has her baby. This is where Tully fans can all have their moments. Although wearing an unbuttoned jacket, Tully has no shirt and there are excellent chest shots all the way down to his belly button! Excuse me for a moment....
    Okay, everyone loads up and heads out to the rendevous which is a bombed out village somewhere in the desert. As soon as they arrive, the Germans strike and also blow up the clearly marked Red Cross ambulance as it pulls into town. Isn't that against the Geneva convention? Things go from bad to worse. The cellar they are holded up in is being pounded by tank fire, Mom-to-be is trying to punch the kid out but it knows it's safer where it's at, and Troy and Hitch have the misguided notion that all you have to do to help a woman deliver a baby is to hold her wrists and ankles down.
    Eventually, Dietrich and his tank group get tired of being decimated by a few machine guns and pull out of town. French dude, after having a change of heart for the preggo, has gotten himself shot dead while trying to avenge his wife's death. There is a touching scene where Tully finds his body and while listening to the baby crying, pulls the dog tags off his neck. Am I the only one wondering why French resistence fighters are wearing dog tags? Troy, having delivered his first baby, hands it off to Hitch who asks "What am I supposed to do with it?" Good question! Anyway, at the end, mom wants to know Troy's name so she can name the baby after it, I guess. Troy, being the upstanding guy he is, gives her the French dude's name. As she goes off in the ambulance, Troy tells everyone to mount up at which point Hitch replies "Oui, Oui monsieur!" Troy tries to beat him to death with his hat and they all ride off into the sunset. On an episode scale, I give it just over an 8, on a Tully scale a perfect 10!
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