The Rat Patrol

Season 2 Episode 25

The Never Say Die Raid

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Mar 11, 1968 on ABC

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  • Probably the funniest episode of Season Two!

    Okay, I really enjoyed this episode. It reminded me alot of The Fatal Chase Raid episode in season one where Gavin McLeod played a "you either love me or hate me" character that stole the show. In this episode, Troy and Hitch come under attack while surveying an enemy position. After their jeep is blasted by the Germans (see, Jerry can hit the broad side of a barn now), they are captured and taken to a base camp. When they refuse to make a radio call to allied headquarters falsely informing them there are no stinkin' Germans around here, the commander hands them over to a sadistic comrade for more persuasion. This guy has a habit of laughing hysterically while torturing people, and our poor heroes are in for a rough time. The worst of the torture seems to be for Troy and Hitch not to laugh outloud themselves as they watch this dude parade and dance around like Barney the Dinosaur with a lit welder's torch in his hands and singing what sounds like a German preschooler song. Well, all of this becomes too much for poor Hitch and he grudgingly agrees to make the radio call.
    In the mean time, Moffitt and Tully have been out looking for their missing pals. They come under fire but after Tully blasts the landscape with the 50 cal, a white flag appears on the horizon and a jubilant Italian soldier walks down to their jeep only too happy to surrender to their "superior forces." Tully is trying as hard as he can not to bust a gut and Moffitt appears like he can't believe this guy just walked out of the desert. The Italian says he would love to present his sword to Moffitt, but "it was stolen about 6 months ago." He also has a comrade that wants to surrender, and they are only too happy to read the entire Geneva convention handbook to Moffitt, but as politely as he can, he tells the two he and Tully are pressed for time and must go. Just as the jeep starts to leave, our guys have a change of heart and bring along the two Italians.
    Turns out, it was a good move because Moffitt and Tully trade uniforms with the two and are able to make their way into the German camp and eventually free Troy and Hitch, but not without first capturing the German commander and taking him with them. As they drive out into the sunset, Moffitt spots somebody moving furtively along a nearby hillside. Just before everyone starts shooting, one of the Italians yells for them to stop and goes running out to greet his fellow battalion members. As they hoop and holler and congradulate each other on surrendering, the German commander gives a loud groan and says "Ah, I will never understand them" to which Moffitt replies "No, I guess you never will." All in all, this is just a delightful episode.