The Rat Patrol

Season 2 Episode 1

The Truce at Aburah Raid

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Sep 11, 1967 on ABC

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  • Little girl falls down a well, Lassie can't save her but the Rat Patrol can!

    This is another of my likeable episodes. Naturally, it has some good Tully moments, and an interesting plot, unfortunately, maybe because it was produced too close to season one, there are some head shaking and eye rolling moments to be experienced.
    Our boys are trying to hook up with an Allied convoy so they can provide them an escort. Problem is, they're not the only ones listening in on the radio. Hauptman Dietrich and another German captain are ease-dropping too. Before the Patrol can meet up with the convoy, Dietrich ambushes them and there's some great chase shots from the German's view as the jeeps race toward a bombed-out village for cover.
    As they come blasting in, there is an Arab mother and her young child there, doing whatever it is that a mother and child do in a deserted desert village. The girl is naturally frightened and while making a beeline to Mom, she crashes through some old wooden planks on top of a water well and falls in.
    Everyone of course yells at each other and cease firing. The next 5 minutes is wasted because all we see is the mother screaming at everyone in Arabic. Yes, we know you want help getting your child out of the well, but for the love, give the viewing audience a break. Well, Troy finally asks Moffitt to translate and then yells at Dietrich to see if he knows what's going on. Another five minutes of waiting to see what each is going to do, although Moffitt gets to call Dietrich a "bloody idiot" in a whispered voice. So Troy and Dietrich walk up to the well, and yes, mom is still screaming at everybody. They decide to get all the men together and use a rope. Everyone puts their guns down, probably because it would be hard to hold on to a rope with one in your hand. Dietrich sends one of his boys to get it and Troy has Hitch go "give him a hand." Why? Doesn't he trust the soldier or does he think the rope would be to heavy to carry for one person? Well, as soon as the guy opens up the truck compartment to grab the rope, there is a German Luger latched next to it. Hitch and him exchange scary looks and then both make a grab for the gun. A shot goes off which almost sends everybody racing for their guns, but Troy and Dietrich take off and end up separating our two boys. The German "panicked" and said he was sorry. Thank goodness Hitch is such a swell guy and he accepts the apology.
    They go back and rig up the rope and have Hitch ride it down the well. He gets only so far and then drops his flashlight. Troy sends Tully to the jeep to get another one. Funny, Dietrich doesn't send one of his guys to help Tully.
    In the meantime, the other German captain has gotten his halftrack unstuck from a wadi and arrives in another direction to the village because when he gets there, he can't see the well but does see all the empty vehicles just sitting around. He catches sight of Tully running to the jeep and sends one of his guys to go shoot him.
    Poor unsuspecting Tully is grabbing the flashlight when the soldier shoots him...yes, in the shoulder (okay, maybe slightly above his left shirt pocket). Drops Tully like a turkey on Thanksgiving Day. Everyone hears this shot too. The captain can now see everybody and tells our guys to surrender. Tully gets his senses together and needless to say, is mad as hell someone just shot him. He bounces up on the jeep and lets loose with the 50 cal. This sends everyone running with only Troy and Moffitt to hold the rope with Hitch sliding down the well.
    Dietrich finally gets them to stop shooting and says they are trying to get a girl out of the well. The grumpy captain agrees to this, but only if Tully abandons the gun. Troy gives the order and probably realizes he just gave up their last chance to get out of there in one piece. Well, they finally get the girl out of the well, thank goodness because now Mom can stop yelling. The captain wants our guys to surrender again. Dietrich steps up to do the right thing and informs him he agreed to a truce. Nothin' doin'. Seems like the captain heard another allied radio message and knows the convoy is on it's way towards them. "This forces me to end the truce." he yells. Troy puts his two cents in, then Dietrich also chides in. Still doesn't change Grumpy's mind. "I will send your words to Berlin...Captain." he says.
    Well, now it's Hitch's turn to save the day. He climbs up the rope and taking a grenade, throws it towards the armed Germans. Just before doing so, one of the other soldiers standing right above Hitch, sees what's about to happen and if I could translate his response, probably yells "Holy smokes Batman! Germany doesn't pay me enough for this crap!" and starts running for cover like everyone else.
    Tully jumps back up on the jeep and blasts every moving thing he can see. He then uses his teeth to pull the pin of a grenade and throws it towards some more unlucky Germans. Boy, the guy takes getting shot really personally.
    Naturally, our boys make it to the jeeps and hightail it out of there.
    Seems like Dietrich is the only German left standing, literally. He kinda looks around at all his dead comrades and picks up a necklace laying on the ground that the child had been playing with before all this started. He walks over to the mother and daughter and gives the necklace back to the kid. Mom doesn't seem to notice this as she's just singing quietly and rocking the girl in her arms. Well, I guess better late than never.
    In the end, the guys meet up with their convoy. Moffitt comments "Fifty tons of equipment for human destruction, for one frightened child." Okay, I'm not sure I get the point of that statement, but everyone else at least pretends they do. Overall, a good episode with some cool Tully moments.