The Ray Bradbury Theater

Season 4 Episode 6

A Sound of Thunder

Aired Unknown Aug 11, 1989 on USA

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  • [Spoilers]A team travels to past to hunt dinosaurs before they die of natural causes

    A travel agency sends people to past for killing dinosaurs before they die of natural causes(i.e. tree falling). The agency has a team of well trained hunters to watch the clients for not interfering with nature, changing the future.They use a platform, above the ground, for walking.One of the clients scares when he sees a gigantic dinosaur, and fells down the ground. Returning to future, they discover that the world had changed dramatically.The reason of this change is a dead butterfly on the boot,of the man who felt down the platform. Yes, I love this episode and I still remember even now after so many years. It was a classic, anyone who's gonna watch this episode after sawing Butterfly Effect should consider the date when the novel was written and the episode was made:)