The Ray Bradbury Theater

Season 6 Episode 21

Downwind from Gettysburg

Aired Unknown Oct 17, 1992 on USA



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    • Bayes: The tomb was not your place. Arise. We must, oh, we must stand, all of us, downwind from Gettysburg. It is the only hearing place.

    • Bayes: There are plenty of stories, John. Things that passion will force a man to do. Me at five in the morning, Gettysburg, listening to the dawn chorus, trying to capture the atmosphere. Or at Bull Run in the teeming rain. Wanting to feel what he must have felt about the waste of war. Or in jail, in Washington, trying to explain what I was doing crawling around the Lincoln Memorial with a tape measure.

    • Bayes: Isn't it fine? They will stand in the meadow fields of Gettysburg and listen, learn, see, hone the edge of their razor souls and live!

    • Bayes: Subtext: you're a coward.
      Booth: No.
      Bayes: Yes.
      Booth: No, not a coward. Brave. Brave enough to know I had to do something about fear.
      Bayes: Fear of what?
      Booth: Things, people, places. Things I wanted to have but never took. People I wanted to boss around, never could. Places I wanted to go, never went. So I thought if you can't find something to be glad about, find ways to be sad. Find something awful to do and cry about it.

    • Booth: I'm jealous. Jealous of anything that works, anything that lasts, anything that's perfect.
      Bayes: Machines?
      Booth: Damn right, machines. I could never be as perfect as that... that eternal President.

  • Notes

    • This episode is based on the short story "Downwind from Gettysburg" by Ray Bradbury. The story was first published in Playboy (June, 1969).

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