The Ray Bradbury Theater

Season 5 Episode 1

Mars is Heaven

Aired Unknown Jul 20, 1990 on USA



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    • Skip: Come on, Blackie, what is it?
      Captain Black: What if we really did land on Mars? This small Midwestern town isn't a small Midwestern town at all. The people are not friends and family.
      Skip: Not family?
      Captain Black: What if the Martians knew we were coming? How would they prepare for our arrival? For our invasion, as they would see it.
      Skip: How?
      Captain Black: Telepathy, hypnosis. Suppose the Martians could borrow our thoughts, our feelings, our memories. And use them as weapons against us, with telepathy and hypnosis. My God, they could become our aunts and uncles, mothers and fathers.
      Skip: Then all of the people in this town...
      Captain Black: Are Martians disguised as Earth people.

    • Skip: Where you going, Blackie?
      Captain Black: Just going to get some water.
      Skip: But you're not thirsty.

  • Notes

    • This episode is based on the Ray Bradbury short story "Mars is Heaven" also known as "The Third Expedition". This story was first published in Planet Stories (Fall, 1948).

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