The Ray Bradbury Theater

USA (ended 1992)





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  • The Ray Bradbury Theater

    "The Ray Bradbury Theater" I remeber, that was one of my favourite childhood shows/

    In my country,Romania,the show started to air in 90's, and of course had the "Twilight zone" as a great rival.
    But after so many years,I can still remeber some episodes,like "The Crowd" wich was one of my favourite because scared the hell out of my without using any monsters!!

    For me it's a classic altough like I said before tt
    had "Twiligh zone" as rival..

    But the Ray Bradury's stories are touched by a kind of magic, or it was just my childhood's magic? No,I don't think so!
  • The Ray Bradbury Theater was anthology show from Ray Bradbury.

    Semi-popular back in its day, Ray Bradbury Theater is a hit and miss anthology show.

    There are a couple of glaring problems with the show right off the bat: A)Many of the stories have already been done before B)The show's low budget prevents many stories from their full potential.

    Those two factors drag the show down quite a bit. On the plus, you'll notice a lot of famous people in the show like William Shatner, Nick Mancuso, Drew Barrymore, and many others.

    The show does have a lot of varied stories. When this aired, there were a lot of anthology shows like Tales from the Darkside, and The Hitchhiker which were a bit better in delivering darker and more graphic stories.

    However, if you're in the mood for something more traditional, it's an ok show worth checking out.