The Ray Bradbury Theater

Season 3 Episode 2


Aired Unknown Feb 06, 1988 on USA



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    • Bert: You know what else I've discovered today, doctor? Your office doesn't look at all like a doctor's office.
      Dr. Burleigh: What do you want? Pictures of germs on the office walls?

    • Bert: I'm having a problem...
      Munigant: With your skeleton.
      Bert: Well, not, not the whole thing.
      Munigant: Why not? It's all one architecture. The knee bone connected to the thigh bone. The thigh bone connected to the hip bone. You know, that old song.

    • Munigant: But now you. Do your clothes fit wrong on your flesh? Does your flesh fit wrong on your bones?
      Bert: I never thought about it...
      Munigant: Think. Perhaps you came into this world with the wrong sized skin. So, your skeleton is being smothered by your ill-fitting flesh.

    • Clarisse: Good God, who is that?
      Bert: Me.
      Clarisse: No resemblance.
      Bert: The other me.
      Clarisse: Other? There's only one of you.
      Bert: Two. I never thought, i just discovered today. Most people don't consider, think, imagine what's inside them. Inside of everyone of us, that terrible representative of death. A skeleton.

  • Notes

    • This story is based on the short story "Skeleton" by Ray Bradbury. The story was first published in Weird Tales (September, 1943).

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