The Ray Bradbury Theater

Season 6 Episode 19

Sun and Shaddow

Aired Unknown Oct 03, 1992 on USA

Episode Recap

Ricardo Reyes stands on the veranda of his home and looks out across the Mexican town where he lives. He then joins his wife Maria and son Tomas for breakfast, but they're interrupted when a film crew arrives outside. The director, Lazlo, orders his men to set up to film a beer commercial on the stairs of Ricardo's home. Offended, Ricardo tries to get Lazlo's attention from the veranda but the director ignores him. Ricardo goes downstairs and tells the man to leave, and refuses the bribe that Lazlo offers him. Disgusted, Lazlo orders his crew to move down the street.

As he watches, Ricardo explains to one of the models that he would have been glad to let them film there if they had asked for permission. When Lazlo overhears him and sarcastically asks for permission, Ricardo refuses, saying that the director has no manners. He then follows Lazlo and protest that the director considers Ricardo, his home, and his people as background, not anything real. Lazlo says he'll call the police if Ricardo doesn't leave well enough alone. Angry, Ricardo turns to his wife and says that the director needs to respect, and then realizes that Tomas has slipped away and is watching the film crew.

Down the street, Lazlo notices Tomas watching and pays him to work as an extra. Ricardo arrives and tells Tomas to go home. Lazlo warns Ricardo not to interfere since they're no longer at his home. The director moves an old man, Jorge, away from his home so they can shoot. Ricardo tries to get the man to object, but Jorge would prefer to simply watch. The rest of the townspeople stand by passively. When Ricardo inadvertently steps into the shot and messes up the take, he gets an idea. As Lazlo sends his assistant to summon the police, his producer, Vincent, arrives. Ricardo begins taunting Lazlo, asking if he wants him to artistically rip his clothing and sweat. The townspeople and Vincent laugh, and Lazlo angrily tells Ricardo to stay where he is. However, when the director begins shooting again, Ricardo steps forward and, much to his surprise, drops his pants. The shot is ruined and Vincent suggests they move to the beach to film. Lazlo agrees and Ricardo promises to follow them.

On the beach, Lazlo and his people set up for a shot. Ricardo shows up with the townspeople and refuses to accept Lazlo's bribe. A police officer finally arrives but points out that Ricardo isn't doing anything. Lazlo begins filming and Ricardo once again steps into the scene and drops his pants. Lazlo demands that the local officer arrest Vincent, but the policeman notes that Ricardo still has his long shirt on, he's remaining peaceful, and he has a good reputation. Disgusted, Lazlo orders his people to leave and says that they'll find another filming location. Ricardo warns that he'll follow them wherever they go and interfere, until they give up. Vincent is disgusted with Lazlo for choosing to shoot on location in the first place. As the crew leave, the townspeople applaud Ricardo.

As the film crew gives up and leaves for another city, Vincent warns Lazlo that he's overbudget and that Lazlo's reputation is all but ruined. The director glares up at Ricardo, who is watching from his veranda with Maria. As Lazlo leaves, Ricardo explains that now they will be actors in their own personal lives, in the house they have dwelled in for 30 years, and smiles with pride as Tomas gives the money back to Lazlo.