The Ray Bradbury Theater

Season 3 Episode 5

The Man Upstairs

Aired Unknown Mar 05, 1988 on USA

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  • A young man discovers a dark secret.

    Young Douglas, played by Adam Negley, is staying at a local hotel. He soon unearths a troublesome secret. Your heart will race with fear as Douglas discovers the man upstairs is hosting a dark secret - he is a vampire! In a bone chilling scene we watch Douglas stop the reign of evil terror as he plunges a knife through the heart of the vampire and fills it with his silver coins. Adam Negley is a true child prodigy and this is his finest hour. His witty and heartfelt performance is sure to melt the hearts of young girls everywhere. Rumor has it this young man had to flee the country to avoid the droves of young women who chased him through the streets. Adam, so used to running from the masses, went on to race several cross country events and marathons. We hope to see more of this talented young actor. Bravo!!