The Ray Bradbury Theater

Season 2 Episode 1

The Town Where No One Got Off

Aired Unknown Feb 22, 1986 on USA



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    • Cogswheel: A place where you know everybody and everybody knows you, and people give you the time of day and look out for each other instead of always looking out for number one.
      Salesman: You know what you sound like?
      Cogswheel: No, what?
      Salesman: A damn fool writer. A nipped-in-the-bud oh-so-sensitive author of books. Probably never published. Have I got you nailed?
      Cogswheel: I have some stories being considered.

  • Notes

    • Filmed in Alton.

    • The trainmaster in the opening segment is Ward Kimball, a long-time friend of Walt Disney who shared his fascination with trains. The opening shot is of Kimball's miniature train station Grizzly Flats.

    • This episode is based on the short story "The Town Where No One Got Off" by Ray Bradbury. The story was first published in Ellery Queen (October, 1958).

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