The Ray Bradbury Theater

Season 6 Episode 11

Tomorrow's Child

Aired Unknown Aug 14, 1992 on USA

Episode Recap

Sometimes in the future, Peter and his pregnant wife Polly go to the hospital for her delivery. Dr. Wolcott informs them that he typically uses the OB3 teleport machine, but they can choose for a normal delivery. The couple uses the standard procedure to do right by their child. Peter sits in the waiting room as Polly is sedated and undergoes the procedure.

After the delivery, Wolcott comes to see Peter. He tells her that Polly is fine, but that something has gone wrong with the process. He escorts the husband into the operating theater where the doctors are gathered around the delivery table. Polly has been taken into the recovery room so she can't see what happened. Wolcott explains that there was a dimensional malfunction in the teleport machine as the child was removed. Polly comes back in as Wolcott shows Peter his child... who appears to be a small blue pyramid. Wolcott tells them that the child was born in another dimension. He appears like something from the other dimension, but would look normal to them there. Wolcott promises to do what they can to pull their son back into their dimension, and Polly insists that their son is still alive and says that she'll wait however long it takes.

The couple takes their new son back to the island where they live. When Peter notes that Polly hasn't cried, Polly tells him that there's nothing to cry about. She names their child "Pry," short for Pyramid, and Peter worries that she is having trouble adapting to the situation. Polly half-jokingly says that she can adapt for a while, but if she can't she'll kill herself.

As they wait for Wolcott to find a way to undo the accident, Peter discovers that Polly is drinking and smoking. He tries to convince her that things will be all right but Polly insists that she needs to see her real son, not a pyramid. The baby starts making strange bird-like cooing noises. They have a workman come in to install soundproofing, and he wonders if they're keeping birds. He sees Polly with the child and thinks that it's some kind of toy. Peter quickly gets the workman out and goes to see the baby. He discovers that it can feel him and is comforted by his touch. He goes to find Polly, who is upset and drinking again. He says he has to go into town on a business trip but will be back shortly, and wonders if she can handle Pry on her own. She suggests they treat it like a pet, and suggest they let people think their child die in labor so that they can go back to their normal lives and try for another child.

After Peter leaves, Polly invites their friends over. Peter returns to discover that his wife is holding a party, and displaying Pry. Everyone believes it's some kind of toy. Peter quickly gets them out. When Polly angrily protests, he shoves her to the floor. As their son cries, Polly complains that it is ruining their lives and goes to it. She holds Pry and tries to communicate with it, believing her son is trapped inside.

Wolcott visits to give Peter an update and admits that it may take some time to bring their child back to the proper dimension. However, he has an alternate suggestion: they can recreate the original accident and send Polly and Peter to be with their child in the fourth dimension. They wouldn't notice any change themselves, and would see the baby as it really is. They would perceive the third and fourth dimensions simultaneously and be able to function in both. However, the world would perceive them as geometric solids. Polly overhears and says that they have to do it so they can be together as a family. Wolcott leaves and Peter wonders if Polly can throw her life away. She says that nothing matters except being with her child. Peter suggests that they forsake Pry and try to have another child, but Polly insists that no matter how she feels about him, she has to be with their son.

Once Polly dozes off, Peter considers the situation. He hears Pry cooing over the baby monitor and goes to see his son. He picks up a pillow and considers his child thoughtfully. The next morning, Polly wakes up and discovers that Pry isn't in his crib. She searches and finds Peter... cuddling his child. He agrees to go through with the process so they can be together.

Peter and Polly take their child and return to the delivery room. Wolcott asks if they're sure they want to go through with it, warning that it may take some time before they can be restored to normal. The couple affirms their decision and takes each other's hands. Wolcott recreates the accident and then brings Pry in. He sets the child next to two large blue pyramids. The doctors listen to the sounds emitted by all three pyramids and Wolcott is sure they're hearing the sounds of love.