The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest

Season 2 Episode 21

Edge Of Yesterday

Aired Unknown Mar 17, 1997 on Cartoon Network

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  • Rage buries a nuclear device 2 miles into the earth's crust to separate the tectonic plates and destroy the world. Using the time travel program Rachel that Benton created, Jonny and Jessie use QuestWorld to go back in time and stop Rage.

    This episode was very interesting, although I've always been fascinated with stories that play with time. It's focus is on the three teenagers, as Benton and Race were gone when Rage contacted the President of the USA to tell him of his plan to destroy the world. Rage's plan was actually pretty good. He buried a nuclear bomb in the earth's crust 7 days ago and it will go off and destroy the world in 3 hours by separating the tectonic plates. He waited so long so that he and his minions had time to retreat to the Himalayas for safety. Three hours isn't enough time to dig the bomb out and so Benton radios Jonny, Jessie, and Hadji back at the compound and tells them to use the program Rachel. It's named after Jonny's deceased mother because Benton originally designed it so that he could go back in time and see her, maybe even stop her from dying. Before using it, however, he decided he could not change time for personal gain. Hadji runs the program and, after a few mistakes, Jonny and Jessie go back in time 7 days via QuestWorld to stop Rage from putting the bomb into the ground in the first place. They succeed by stealing the bomb and bringing it into QuestWorld. Before Jonny can even attempt to disarm it, Rage comes through the time portal and fights with them to take it back. He knocks Jonny into the bomb accidentally setting the detonator for only a minute. Desperate to destroy the earth despite the fact that he doesn't have enough time to get the bomb into the earth's crust, Rage drives into one of the many portals popping up and ends up in prehistoric times where the bomb goes off. This is the last episode he's in, but one can't assume he's gone for good because there are plenty of times when he should have been dead in the past and yet managed to resurface. Had season three been created like it was supposed to be, Rage could have made another appearance for all we know.