The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest

Season 1 Episode 22

Expedition To Khumbu

Aired Unknown Sep 25, 1996 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Dr. Quest is missing while on an expedition to find the Yeti. Jonny and his friends head to the Himalayas to find him, but run into another scientist who's determined to bring back the Yeti.

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  • Benton is in Khumbu (Himalayas) researching the legend of the yeti and gets caught in an avalanche. The others head there to find him and investigate. The Yeti turn out to be real and they stop bad men from trapping them. Benton turns out to be okay.moreless

    A very entertaining episode. The myth explored has been one of controversy for many decades and it's a classic battle of right vs wrong (protect the yeti so they can be free and happy or exploit them for money). The episode also had an interesting take on the myth of the abominable snowman. There were some witty one-liners and a great deal of action for the characters as well, especially Jonny, Jessie, and Hadji, who, in my opinion, are the most fun to watch. The location of the episode was interesting and the ending (when the Quest Team discovers that the head monk at the monastery they have been staying at is really a yeti too) is priceless! And for those Jessie fans (like myself) she pulls off a very dangerous, risky stunt to help save Jonny and Hadji from falling off a cliff. It was a pretty cool scene, so cool in fact that once they were being towed back up the cliff, Jonny says: "You gotta admit Hadj, she's pretty cool." Never a truer statement!moreless
  • As his father is missing Jonny tries to grt him back.

    This episode is amazing, especialy the ending where the abbot reaches for the book. Not to metion that the legend explored in this episode is truly sppoky, especialy when you take the seeting into consideration. Tough there is very little of questworld in this one it is still one to watch
Robert Patrick

Robert Patrick

Roger T. "Race" Bannon (1)

George Segal

George Segal

Benton C. Quest (1)

J.D. Roth

J.D. Roth

Jonathan "Jonny" Quest (1)

Jesse Douglas

Jesse Douglas

Jessica Margaret Leya "Jessie" Bannon (1)

Michael Benyaer

Michael Benyaer

Hadji Quest-Singh (1)

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    • Hadji: The question is, whether to die by ice or knife.
      Jessie: Uh-huh, the question is, how not to die at all.

    • Jessie: We gotta dump the cage!
      (Jessie starts climbing down the outside of the cage.)
      Jonny: Careful, Jess!
      Jessie: Ugh, I never understand why people say that, it's like, what, am I stupid enough to take an impossible risk?
      Hadji: But indeed, you are taking an impossible risk.
      Jonny: You gotta hand it to her, Hadj, she's pretty cool.
      (Jessie and Race pull them over the top of the cliff)
      Jessie: I thought you guys would be lighter?!
      Hadji: Ah, you see, we are heavy with wisdom.
      Race: But are you smart enough to figure out who set that trap?

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