The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest

Season 1 Episode 23

Ice Will Burn

Aired Unknown Sep 26, 1996 on Cartoon Network

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  • Jessie is bringing a translator device to Benton and co. in Northern Siberia when her plane crashes. She ends up in a village under the ice that survives by a volcano. It is going out and Kazrina wants Jess to save them. They end up having to flee.

    This episode is mostly about Jessie, which I thought was cool because she is a fun and important edition to the Quest Team in TRA of JQ. The rest of the team is in it but the entire time they are looking for Jessie, hoping to find her alive. The adventure part of the episode involves only her. Although it wasn't steeped in a real legend or myth like other episodes (at least not to my knowledge), the idea about the under-ice Russian village was intriguing. Kazrina, the Russian girl who befriends Jessie and thinks she is "the fire bringer" who will save the village volcano, is a cool one-shot guest character and the story behind her past and the village was entertaining. It was fun to see Jessie interact with a girl her age as well since she is always surrounded by boys. What I like about this episode most is that it not only gives Jessie the solo spotlight and a chance to shine, but it reflects the high amount of intelligence she really does possess at the young age of 15. She not only builds a hot air balloon of sorts out of the plane wreckage, but she also tweaks Dr. Quest's translator device. She is clearly ahead of her time intellectually (can anyone say Ivy League material? lol) which is an important part of her character. Another interesting aspect of this ep. is its demonstration of how mass groups of people can blindly follow someone out of ignorance. The people in Kazrina's village don't understand why their volcano is dying but they are willing to sacrifice others (namely Kazrina and Jessie for being witches) to the volcano in the assumption that that will bring it back because one man tells them so without providing any proof whatsoever. In the end, Kazrina and Jessie flee the dying village saving themselves. The one thing I don't like is that we do not find out what happens to the under-ice villagers. Finally the last scene shows Jonny give Jessie an endearing hug as he tells her he is so glad that she's alright. It was a sweet way to end the episode and also a nice moment for J&J fans such as myself :) It's one of those many moments that lead the viewers to believe that Jonny might feel a little something more for Jessie than friendship . . .
  • Jessie finds an underground village.

    This was overall, a good episode, not great, but good. It could have been a great story with more time, but unfortunately every episode is just about twenty minutes long, anyway, here we were able to watch, how limited can people be, in a tough situation, like the underground people were, specially their leader, and how faith can beat all the odds, being that the case of Kazrina, the Russian girl that befriends with Jessie in the underground town.
    I found a little annoying that Jessie was an I-know-a-lot-of-stuff-girl, but that wasn't really a very important aspect. This was simply a good micro-study of human nature. Watch it.