The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest

Season 1 Episode 20

In The Darkness Of The Moon

Aired Unknown Sep 23, 1996 on Cartoon Network

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  • The Quest team (minus Jessie) travel to the Yukon in Canada to help Dr. Marie Metier, a friend of Benton's, investigate a mysterious animal that broke into her home. Turns out she is the last descendant of a werewolf family and her blood is the cure.

    This episode wasn't that good . . . For starters, Jessie wasn't in it so, like the other Jessie-absent episodes, it was lacking a certain entertainment factor and charm that episodes with her have. Plus she's my favorite character so automatically the episode loses points with me lol The over all plot of this episode was interesting but they didn't do as much with it as they could have. The werewolf guy, Professor Metier, related to Dr. Marie Matier was lame. Apparently only the men are affected by the werewolf cures, not the women. Professor Matier was trying to come up with a cure but it turned out he was missing the one key ingredient: the blood of a women relative (because the women are immune Dr. Quest suggests that something in their blood must be the cause and if isolated then it could be used as a cure). So I don't understand why he didn't just go talk to Marie when he was human! It was like so stupid! Then near the end, after she and Benton come up with the cure (or so they hope), they use her as bate to lure the wolf out. Before she goes, she gives her family crest pendent to Race because that pendent is what kept the wolf from killing her the other times! Now why would she do that?! SHE'S the one standing there waiting for the wolf to come! What an idiot -_- Then when he does show she just walks over to him and lets him attack her even though she wasn't supposed to approach him in the plan. They mention that it's like she's mesmerized but they never really explain what her problem was or why she'd be drawn to him (I'm pretty sure that's vampires that can bewitch their victims). Another problem I had was the inconsistency of the werewolf. Through most of the episode he was a regular looking wolf with glowing red eyes, then suddenly at the end he actually looks like a regular werewolf (you know, stands erect like a human etc.) I don't understand why he was one way through part of the ep then another way during the other part. The ending was terrible. Tuk, the guy that wanted to kill the wolf (also random, he was just thrown in there sporadically) brings him to Marie's house for help as a human and that's when it ends! They don't actually show him get help or if the cure works. I'm sure it does but we have to just assume which is stupid. Finally, Race has a flirtation of sorts with Marie which is lame too because he's already macking on a bunch of other women around the world as it is, plus he's never gonna see this chick again. Like, at least with Jade and Estella (his ex-wife, Jessie's mom) he sees them on and off. This was just so random. Over all it was a pretty terrible episode in comparison to most for this series . . .