The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest

Season 2 Episode 26

More Than Zero

Aired Unknown Apr 16, 1997 on Cartoon Network

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  • Last ep created. The Quest Team heads to Venice, Italy to check out a haunted mansion. The house is possessed by an evil spirit from the past and ends up eating Hadji and Race. Benton and Jonny use Questworld to save them and stop the demon.

    This episode was very weird as far as the supernatural aspect went, although that's not a bad thing. I'm still unsure of what the title means (the French scientists that invited Benton to the house kept saying they needed more than zero but I still don't understand what they were talking about) and how they were able to use Questworld to seek out the demon and destroy it but I guess the nitty-gritty details aren't super important. Even without fully understanding exactly how they did it, the episode was still entertaining. The story behind the haunting was a little different but cool. And of course they manage to save Hadji and Race. Being a Jessie fan, I was disappointed by her absence, and though I would have enjoyed the episode more had she been present, it was still a good ep. without her. However I don't think it was the best episode to be last, not for season two and not over all as it unfortunately ended up being. It wasn't very "season finale" and certainly not "series finale" (of course it wasn't supposed to be the series finale when it was produced but still). I thought "Robot Spies" would have made a much better season finale since the Maine Compound was destroyed. They were supposed to move back to the old Palm Key Compound in the Florida keys so you wouldn't think they would have time to run off and go to Italy for a few days to investigate this haunting. I don't know it was just kind of weird and untimely to me. Plus in being the last episode, it would have been cool if they were all in it which is why "Robot Spies" made a better last ep. Everyone was in it minus Hadji and the villain was Zin, a bad guy that originated in the old-school JQ. But despite these shortcomings, it was still a pretty decent ep.
  • One word " an excellent episode"


    This episode is really good! Especially with Adventure, strong story, strong developed characters and the way of the story.

    I cannot see anything more. This episode is recommended for everyone. Animation is excellent. Only sad thing is it was the last episode of the series.

    The ending is superb! Again a really good plot!