The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest

Cartoon Network (ended 1997)





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  • Jonny Quest Real Adventures - very interesting show

    Somehow I was never into First Season Episodes except the episodes written by Glenn Leopold. Some of Michael Ryan's episodes in First Season episodes were interesting. I think Glenn Leopold wrote the strongest episodes in First Season and Second Season. He wrote Ezekiel Rage, Rage's Burning Wheel (created story with Michael Ryan), and Future Rage. The viewers feel very sorry for Ezekiel Rage. Glenn Leopold was Story Editor for Second Season of Jonny Quest Real Adventures. And we see many of brilliant episodes from him like The Mummies of Malenque, Ghost Quest, Cyberswitch, Digital Doublecross, Eclipse, The Dark Mountain, and many others. I found Second Season much stronger. Michael Ryan joined with Glenn Leopold in Second Season. He wrote brilliant episodes like Edge of Yesterday and More than Zero. He also did the teleplay for Dark Sentinel and Without a Trace.

    There was another writer named Lance Falk who worked with Glenn Leopold and Michael Ryan. He was a big fan of Classic Jonny Quest. He returned Jezebel Jade and he created a brilliant villain named General Vostok. Mark Hamill voiced General Vostok. Hamill's voice acting was so great that it made the character Vostok more interesting. Mark Hamill is also famous for doing the voice of Joker in Batman Animated Series.

    Somehow I was never into the episodes written by Peter Lawrence. The only one interested me is the episode "Escape to Questworld." Many people remember writers like Paul Dini and Michael Reaves who worked in Batman Animated Series. But I am surprised that many people don't remember Glenn Leopold, Lance Falk or Michael Ryan.

    Glenn Leopold wrote many of episodes of Great Shows like SWAT Kats and Pirates of Dark Water. He was one of the Head Writers of Hanna Barbera Productions. Lance Falk's first show as a writer was SWAT Kats. He wrote six SWAT Kats episodes. Second Season also used Jessie in many of the episodes. Studio Mook did the Animation for Jonny Quest Real Adventures Second Season. They also did the Animation for Many of the episodes of SWAT Kats. I thought their animation was great.