The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest

Cartoon Network (ended 1997)





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  • The adventures continue for a now teenaged Jonny Quest.

    That's right he's back and getting older by the minute. Recently I purchased the first half of the first season on DVD of this show and I was pleased to find I still enjoyed it. I was one of the kids that caught this show in the 90's and yes I was a fan of the orginal 60's Quest when the lad was still a little boy. Cartoon Network was good to my youth, as of now it's a differnt story. Anyway, I saw this show and got immediately into it. For one I'll say, excellent theme music (it really was catchy), and two: hats off to the guys who made this show, it was as quirky and sometimes even as corny (which I didn't mind) as the orginal. Bringing back all the familiar characters and even adding a girl (which strangely enough didn't ruin things). And giving everyone all those strangely out of place adventures just like before. Could a Quest fan ask for much else? Not really.