The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest

Season 2 Episode 1

The Mummies Of Malenque

Aired Unknown Dec 11, 1996 on Cartoon Network

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  • First ep of 2nd season. Quest Team goes to Columbia to pick Jessie up (she's been spending time at a dig with her mother Estella) and they end up stumbling across an ancient plague that wiped out the Malenque. Jessie catches it and her life is at stake.

    Wow, this episode was an amazing way to kick off the second season. All the regular cannon characters are in it. Plus it's packed with action from the very start, when it opens with Jessie being chased through the jungle, to the end when the mummies come alive and kill Dr. Salazar, the man who wanted to bring back the deadly plague to use it as chemical/biological warfare. The plot was well-written and interesting since it played on the history of ancient tribes of South America that went extinct for reasons unknown. Another cool aspect of this episode is that we finally meet Jessie's mother, Estella Valesquez. She is an archaeologist who works on digs mostly in South America. She's a brilliant woman (which shows us where Jessie gets her intelligence from lol) but also rather tough as she is shown saving Race at one point in the episode. Her characterization was great, you can see why Race married her in the first place and you can tell she's Jessie's mother. We also get to see her and Race argue over their parenting methods (or lack thereof) and that is a funny scene. The scene when Jonny tries to save Jessie from the bandits chasing her is cute and their friendly banter is funny. Seeing the way the team reacts to Jessie contracting the deadly disease adds some drama as well as tugs a little on your heart strings, and the ending scene when she is cured is heart warming too, as Bandit licks her face and Jonny and Hadji take Jessie's hand in theirs, relieved that they got the cure to her in time. It was also a sweet J&J moment ^_~

    One interesting aspect is the overhaul the animation received for second season along with new voice overs. This is the first episode we get to see these changes. I personally like them better over all (although I know a lot of others disagree). The characters are more attractive and colorfully drawn in the "traditional way" as the second season animation style was coined, in my opinion. Though I never had much of a problem with the original voice actors, I do tend to enjoy listening to the second season cast a little more. Jessie's new outfit is very odd, however, it actually looks okay on her and I think she looks cuter in the pink t-shirt/shorts one piece outfit with purplish/gray spandex underneath than that other baggie shirt and straight leg pants outfit she was dressed in during the first season eps. I tend to enjoy second seasons eps. more than first seasons eps. on average too. The one issue I have is that, supposedly, in second season the kids are all supposed to be one year younger than when the show started. That's not only stupid b/c it's impossible but it's dumb b/c they made them more mature it seemed in the second season. You see Jonny driving a jeep in this ep and he's only supposed to be 13! Absolutely ludicrous! If anything, due to all the things they do, their intellectual level, and the people they hang out with on adventures (they always look so much older!) they should have bumped them up in age not down . . .
  • First apperance of Jessie's mother, an ancient plague is reserected. Complete change from season one, different voices and apperance to the entire team.

    This eposide was stunning, had action and drama in it and everything. Lots of twists and turns many heroes and villians in this, brilliant eposide. Also the first one of season 2.

    The Quest team arrive in Bogota, Colombia to pick Jessie up from her mothers archaeological dig site.
    Jessie finds an ancient medallion only for crooks to chase her to get it off her.
    Trapped in quick sand the crooks steal the medallion off her and leave her to sink, however Jonny storms onto the scene and beats up most of the villians and goes to rescue Jessie only for more crooks to open fire on them, however Race arrives just in time to take out the villians and rescue his own daughter, however they are chased through the forest but then Dr. Quest and Hadji arrive in the Chopper with their sonic blaster it causes the villians to run off.

    With Race, Jonny and Jessie grimly hanging on to the edge of the cliff they are rescued not before Jonny starts to fall when he loses his grip but Jessie catches him.

    Race and Estella then have an argument, Race accuses Estella of being too soft while Estella accuses Race of overproection to Jessie.

    Then when it calms down Estella explains about the mummies and the plague that wiped them all out, while a local policeman claims he never seen any mummies it turns out he is one of the last decendents of the malenque along with his nasty brother who is trying to bring the plague back. The policeman was in on it as well although we wouldn't know until later in the episode

    However Jonny, Jessie and Hadji go exploring through the forest and are chased by a wild animal they end up into a cave and stumble on an operation where a madman Dr. Salazar is after world domination by reserecting an old plague which if used would turn people into mummies and kill them.

    Realising the real danger and the need to alert their father they run to escape but their dog bandit knocks over a shovel and the villians spot them and chase them, Salazar throws a bottle of the plague at them, but the kids escape on a cart, however Jessie could not hold her breath in time and inhales the deadly substance. Realising she's drying Hadj and Jonny hurl her to safety and Estella and Race arrive to save them when more villians attack them. Estella actually saves Race as well from being hit.

    Race and Jonny go after the medallion which Salazar now has.

    Salazar steals Dr. Quest's Chopper knocking him out in the process, with time running out and the plague that would kill Jessie within an hour, they come across the policeman who happens to be Salazar's brother unwilling to help them Race punches him and knocks him out stealing his car.

    Jonny drives it while Race boards the chopper throwing one villian out of the chopper. He then goes for Salazar and a real struggle goes off before the chopper crashes into the ground but the struggle continues below ground on the floor.

    With fuel leaking out the chopping and with it sparking heavily the place is set to blow any minute, Jonny rushes to the scene and tries to help race out but only ends up getting thrown into a hord of mummies.

    But then as Salazar holds up the medallion the mummies come alive, with Jonny trying to get Race out of there, Race ingores his pleas and goes for the medallion only to be dragged back when the deadly substance Salazar is holding gets pushed in his face and the medallion thrown clear as Jonny dives for it and grabs it just in time and he and Race clear off as the place explodes in a ball of flames throwing them into a pond.

    The reach Jessie just in time to give her the medallion to bring her back to life and with emotional scenes at the end.