The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest

Season 2 Episode 7

Undersea Urgency

Aired Unknown Dec 19, 1996 on Cartoon Network

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  • Thrilla


    Now, thats a realla thrilla in manilla!

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  • Dr.Quest, Jonny and Jessie visit an underwater city only for an earthquake to let loose some murderous monsters.

    This is one of my favorite episodes, i was on the edge of my seat with this one, it's an absolute thriller.

    Jonny, Jessie and Dr. Quest are investigating an underwater city under-construction, while Jonny and Jessie are being shown around a massive earthquake cripples the city but also opens a big crack in the ground an man eating annhibians swim out and wreck havoc eating alive many construction workers on the outside, Jonny and Jessie swim for the moon pool but their guide doesn't make it in time.

    Jonny also gets attacked but manages to shake off the annhibian and he and the terrified Jessie run for cover.

    While scanning on the camera's the monsters seal the way out in the moon pool at the same time Jessie has a big panic attack being clusterphobic, Jonny meanwhile hugs her to calm her down and they look for an escape route.

    Meanwhile Dr. Quest and Dr. Duvual head of the project are trying to figure out what happened when they too come under attack from the creatures and have to run for their lives, Dr Quest has the added pain of not knowing if his son or Jessie is still alive at this point.

    Jonny and Jessie run into a dead end with the creatures closing in, Jessie appears to give up and has another panic attack, Jonny pleads her to keep going and refuses to leave her on her own, they manage to escape to an air vent and crawl through it.

    However the creatures are following them, but then Jonny crazily throughs a detenator down the vent much to the dismay of Jessie who thinks he's a real idiot at this point.
    They get blown down the air vent and into the moon pool, with Jessie still very angry at Jonny, had he not done that then surely they would have both been killed.

    Dr. Quest, Duval and the rest are still being chased when, Benton pulls a cable out of the electrical terminal and throws it at the monsters electricuting them and somehow Benton gets away without hurting himself.

    Jonny plants a load of detenators around the moon pool as its been all sealed up while Jessie gets in a submarine, with the creatures approaching the floor is blown out and Jonny and Jessie escape in the submarine, Jessie managing to turn the submarine upright before it crashes into the floor.

    However Benton and the rest are still trapped and with Duval wanting to take away a dead creature to examine it, but at the same time more creatures on the outside try to smash their way through with the situation looking hopeless, Jonny and Jessie appear in the submarine, however Duval is still trying to take the creature with her and it comes alive and kills her, Jonny and his father have no choice but to leave her and they escape out of there and away from the creatures, at the end Jessie basically goes over the entire story of their escape while one of the crew says although the city was destroyed Duval would want them to try again.