The Real Estate Pros

TLC Premiered Apr 15, 2007 Between Seasons





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  • Awesome show!

    I love this show and can't wait for its return this month. Its been off for way too long. I enjoy all of the charachters and their interaction. Not too fond of that wee dog though. The last few shows were mainly about helping out the town which is awesome but I'd like to see more actual house "flipping", like the good ol' days. This was the first show to highlight the actual flip and now there are numerous copy cats out there but the original was the best! Hope to see it soon. Good luck to "The Real Estate Pro's".
  • Great show 5 stars.

    this show is awesome, I love it, in my opinion a must see. I hope it comes back for a new season. this show deserves an award. Richard Davis and his team are reality show veterans they had a show on A&E called flip This House. Ginger brings a perky and humorus attitude to the show.The Real Estate Pros is a 5 star show and is one of my new favorites. If I had to pick between watching this and American Idol I would pick this show. I hope next season we get more than 10 episodes. overall this show is just plain awesome.
  • The Real Estate Pros should be called The Real Estate Woes because that's what owner Richard Davis encounters time and time again on this show about professional real estate flippers in the Carolinas.

    The Real Estate Pros should be called The Real Estate Woes because that's what Richard Davis encounters time and time again on this show about professional real estate flippers in the Carolinas. Rough-talking owner of Trademark Realty, Richard Davis is the executive producer of this reality-based show so I'm even more skeptical of the image(s) he is attempting to depict as they schizophrenically flip-flop each week from being an old softy to an S.O.B. nightmare of a boss who believes housecleaning involves busting out windows, dropping air conditioners out of second-story windows and pool cleaning requires nothing more than kicking box after box of powdered chlorine into a backyard cesspool of green slimy pool water. Previously called The Real Deal, the name of this show was changed presumably because channel surfers wouldn't be able to tell that real estate was even involved in the show's plot. I'm still not convinced that real estate has anything to do with this show other than to provide the arena for this motley cast of characters. For example, Richard Davis introduces a new employee to Trademark in the form of an old school buddy who had (?) a drinking problem. Richard's idea of reaching out to his friend and bringing him sobriety was to drop him off in the country to train dogs. Jeez, if that's all it takes to remain sober, Promises and Betty Ford beware! It seems dear Richard has a soft spot for alcoholics because the next show involves a deadbeat alcoholic renter who is also given chance after chance to do good (or maybe just better) but surprise, surprise, he prefers his beers to paying rent. The previous year Richard had fixed up the house our alcoholic friend resides in gratis, and even totally decked out the man's classic automobile. This gift was supposed to motivate the guy to clean up his act. An episode on last year's incarnation of The Real Estate Pros depicted the home and car refurbishments. Even if Richard couldn't see these gifts were a complete waste of time and effort if done solely to motivate the drinker, the rest of us could spot a loser when we saw one. This latest episode was highly satisfying in an "I told you so" kind of way. I found myself screaming an old Dr. Phil line at the TV screen: "Richard, you know how to tell if Gus is lying? His lips are moving." Between that and constantly forming the letter L with my thumb and forefinger, (said behaviors my dog Charlie found quite puzzling), the show still tallied up the bottom line as Richard "digs himself out of this mess" by selling the house in question for $90,000 more than he would have made had he simply sold the house last year instead of giving Gus a year's free rent. Whoever says there's no God hasn't watched this show. The meek might not inherit the Earth but some get free rent for a year while others sure can flip its real estate.
  • Richard Davis and the Trademark team move onto their own fabulous new show.

    I fell in love with Richard Davis and his team from Trademark Properties when they were featured on the first season of ‘Flip this House’ on A&E. Now they’ve moved onto greener pastures with their own series on TLC. I don’t pretend to know anything about flipping houses or designing reconstruction projects, but I can’t help but love the Real Deal. Richard, Ginger and the team aren’t just out to make money, although do make a lot of it, they also bring incredible heart and spirit to every project they tackle. They are willing to take on projects that might cost them in order to help out people in their Charleston community.

    The show is brought to life by the unique personalities of the members of the Trademark team. Trademark Properties founder, Richard Davis is always quick with a joke or a helping helping, but can crack down on his labourers in order to get projects done on time. Investments coordinator Ginger, may look like a sweetheart but she knows her stuff and is as tough as any of the men in her field. The rest of the Trademark team, in addition to the eccentric contractors and labourers, make for a show that’s full of both humour and lessons on not only flipping houses, but on life as well.
  • Reality show about Trademark Properties owner: Richard Davis and his team of employees who transform properties and transform lives in the process

    The original Richard Davis' "Flip This House" was the absolute best reality show on television...only surpassed by the new Richard Davis' Team Trademark reality show "The Real Deal"!!! The viewers need a weekly installment at a regular time with re-runs throughout the week. Love the way the show highlights different team member’s opinions, view of the project, and their integral parts while getting the whole project accomplished. There is no way professional actors could portray the emotions, stress, and the energy the people in this company obviously go through and feel about the people they are working with, the communities they have improved and are a part of, not to mention the homeowners they have helped. No doubt...they are The Real Deal!