The Real Ghostbusters

Season 1 Episode 11

Citizen Ghost

Aired Unknown Nov 22, 1986 on ABC

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  • In this episode we find out how Slimer became their pet ghost.

    In this episode we find out how Slimer became their pet ghost. Also we find out about the different coloured uniforms and the new containment unit.
    It takes place after the end of the first movie. The ghostbusters arrive home after fighting Gozar. Egon tells the rest of the ghostbusters to get rid of their old uniforms because of a build up of PKE. Egon puts Peter in charge of destroying the old uniforms but Peter being his usual lazy self doesn't, he just hides them behind the new containment unit. Slimer starts to show up more often in the firehouse. Egon asking why and Janine tells him she thinks he's there because they were the only people to pay attention to him. All the ghostbuters except Peter start to grow friendly towards him. Then eventually the old uniforms PKE builds up and turn into ghostly versions of the ghostbusters. The ghostly versions want to become the only ghostbusters so they try to destroy the real ghostbusters. The ghostbusters figure out the only way to defeat them is to make them use their energy. Slimer saves the day by drawing their fire weakening the evil ghostbusters until they're drained. Thus Slimer saved the day.
  • A great episode that bridges the gap between the movie and the series.

    I first watched this on CITV back in the early 1990's, and now I have it on DVD.

    It's another beautiful day at the Ghostbusters' firehouse, as a female news reporter named Cynthia Crawford arrives by taxi. She enters the firehouse and is greeted by Janine, who then points out that Peter is waiting upstairs for Ms. Crawford. Upstairs in the laboratory, Egon is showing off his latest invention (which took out most of Bayounne) to Ray, Peter, and Winston, until Ms. Crawford enters and requests a interview with Peter, who is more than happy to oblige.

    Once in his office, Peter talks about what he did in 4th grade, until Slimer shows, prompting Ms. Crawford to ask why the Ghostbusters have a ghost living with them. Peter had good explanation for that. It all happened right after the Ghostbusters' biggest case...

    The Ghostbusters had been successful in destroying Gozer the Gozerian and saving the Earth in the first Ghostbusters movie, but they were too late to save their own headquarters after the old Containment Unit blew up. Ray chirps that the place can still be fixed, while Egon suggests to his friends that they build a bigger Containment Unit, and get rid of their old uniforms, which had absorbed a frightening amount of PKE energy from the battle with Gozer. As it comes, Janine unveils a gift that came in just before the Ghostbusters went up to fight Gozer: new colour-coded uniforms.

    Sometime later, Peter and Egon finish up checking every function on the new, much larger Containment Unit. As Egon exits the basement, he reminds Peter to burn the old uniforms. But Peter would rather not, as he kicks the box containing the old uniforms under the Containment Unit, which seems to have a small tiny crack, dripping out PKE energy onto the Ghostbusters' old uniforms.

    Over time, the Ghostbusters managed to rebuild the firehouse, although they had a feeling like they were being watched. Sometime later after the repair job, the Ghostbusters had a huge banquet to celebrate their first night back in the firehouse, when all of a sudden, the potato-shaped green ghost (who slimed Peter at the Sedgewick Hotel in the first Ghostbusters movie) appears and steals the food. The Ghostbusters give chase, until the green ghost eventually gets away. Egon explains that when the old Containment Unit exploded, that green ghost should've escaped with the rest of the ghosts. Janine convinces the guys that the green ghost is possibly lonely and just wants some company.

    Over the next week, each of the four Ghostbusters introduced themselves to the green ghost in their own natural way: Egon wants to study and examine the green ghost, Winston would like to know the green ghost a lot better, Ray thinks that he can train the green ghost to do all kinds of trick, and Peter just plain doesn't like the green ghost, the little Spud, whatever he is. This inspires Ray to name the green ghost, "Slimer"!

    Meanwhile, after they fill up with enough PKE energy, the Ghostbusters' old uniforms spring to life, sporting Proton Packs of their own, and the title of the "Phantom Ghostbusters". The Phantom Ghostbusters try to kill the Real Ghostbusters in their sleep, but the Real Ghostbusters quickly wake up, get their Proton Packs, and scare their dopplegangers off! The Ghostbusters discuss that what they're dealing with is themselves, then find out that those were their old PKE energy-contaminated uniforms, all because Peter neglected to burn them.

    So naturally, the Ghostbusters decided that it was nobody's fault. They didn't see the Phantom Ghostbusters for several days. During that time, it was business as usual. The Ghostbusters nearly forgot about their ghostly doubles, until one day...

    As Peter searches an alley for a ghost, he is quickly attacked by Phantom Peter, as the two start shooting at each other. Meanwhile, Winston and Egon are also ambushed by Phantom Winston and Phantom Egon, who both want their doubles to surrender. Peter arrives in the Ecto-1 to rescue his friends, then quickly pick up Ray, who is being chased by Phantom Ray. It was now clear that the Phantom Ghostbusters wanted to be like the Real Ghostbusters... by getting rid of them!

    Back at Ghostbuster HQ, the Ghostbusters are discussing what their next strategy against the Phantom Ghostbusters. Heck, even Winston quips that this ghostbusting business was a lot more easier when the ghosts didn't shoot back. Egon has two ideas on how to defeat the Phantom Ghostbusters:

    1.The Real Ghostbusters could try and disarm the Phantom Ghostbusters, but it is unknown if the Phantom Ghostbusters' Proton Packs can be removed.

    2.Try and drain the Phantom Ghostbusters of all their PKE energy.

    During this, the Phantom Ghostbusters hijack the Ecto-1, but Peter quickly fights back with a spare half-charged Proton Pack, as Egon notices that each time the Phantom Ghostbusters fire, they weaken, meaning that the Phantom Ghostbusters are exhausting their own PKE energy by using it. Winston then concludes that the Real Ghostbusters have to get the Phantom Ghostbusters to keep firing until they run outta energy. Egon also suggests that if someone should go out there to draw the dopplegangers' fire, Slimer takes up the job, and succeeds. The Real Ghostbusters don their Proton Packs, zap and trap the Phantom Ghostbusters, the day is saved, and Peter reluctantly allows the Ghostbusters to keep Slimer as their pet.

    As the flashback ends, Cynthia Crawford thanks Peter for the wonderful story, then leaves.

    That night, the Ghostbusters gather around their TV, as Cynthia Crawford presents a news story about the Ghostbusters, although mainly Slimer, much to Peter's chagrin!

    "Citizen Ghost" greatly gives us a good explanation about the Ghostbusters wearing colour-coded uniforms, the giant containment unit, and Slimer living with them! And the reporter Ms. Cynthia Crawford is real cute, I must say. And I really liked how the Ghostbusters' old uniforms were the villians for this one! J. Michael Stracysnki, I salute you!
  • Definitely worth 1 of the 2 DVD spots.

    This episode, unlike Partners In Slime, definitely earned number 1 seed on the Ghostbusters I & II DVD. Citizen Ghost reveals to you what happened after the first movie. It explains that the reason The Ghostbusters have different uniforms in the cartoon, is because of all the ectoplasm on their old uniforms. It also reveals to you the reason as to why Slimer is now their "Little Spud", and not just another ghost. This episode also gives you a chance to see The Ghostbusters battling themselves as ghosts! Who doesn't want to see that? Along with other reasons as to why this episode was one of the all time classic Real Ghostbusters episodes, it was great to see it on DVD!
  • Peter is bing interviewed by a reporter about how the Ghostbusters defeated Gozer. The reporter asks about Slimer and Peter explains how Slimer became their friend/pet/mascot.

    A simply wonderful episode. The episode takes place in flashback and explains many of the differences between the first movie and the animated show. For example, the entier episode explains how slimer became a friend to the Ghostbusters because when we last saw him in the movie he was chasing after ECTO-1. It also explains the new bigger and improved containment unit, and the new more colorful uniforms. This episode also explains how Slimer got his name. Frank Welker (who is the voice of Ray) does a wonderful job as the voice of Slimer. All and all a series classic that was deservedly one of the two episodes chosen to be put on the Special Edition DVD of the Ghostbusters films.
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