The Real Ghostbusters

Season 2 Episode 62

Egon on the Rampage

Aired Unknown Dec 08, 1987 on ABC

Episode Recap

The episode began with a couple of off-screen children watching the Ghostbusters' antics at the firehouse, such as Ray going to run a few laps, Janine filing her nails, and Peter and Winston going shopping, when the children's father came in and told them to watch something educational! They switched over to a small talk show hosted by a Dr. Ruth lookalike before switching over to...

"20/40/60. If it's news to us, it's news to you." said a fat blonde-headed man sitting at a news desk as he said, "Good evening, I'm Eldon Bromo. Tonight's top stories: Examination Of The Hearing Damage Caused By Loud Clothes, and we also look at Famous Rich Boring People. But first, Ghostbusters: Rip-off Or Scam?"

Outside the firehouse was a couple of sleazy reporters as they stood by the door. One was a grey-haired man named Sandy Van Sanders, and the other was a red-headed woman named Helen Schreck, as they blabbed about the Ghostbusters being first class conmen and knocked on the door, but Janine denied them entry into the firehouse, so Van Sanders and Schreck forced their way in, getting the Ghostbusters' attention, as Peter looked into the camera and asked, "What is this, home movies?" Winston and Ray recognized Shreck and Van Sanders from 20/40/60 because of the other top stories they've done such as Elvis On UFOS, and Underwear Of The Famous.

While Janine took Slimer for a walk, the Ghostbusters along with Van Sanders and Shreck headed into the lab, where Egon planned to send some of the ghosts they caught into another dimension through Egon's super-powered trans-warp machine. Van Sanders thought it was just a trick but gave it the heave-ho. And as Winston told the cameraman, "Get that outta my face!" Peter picked up an Ecto-Trap with a fresh ghost! Van Sanders asked, "What could possibly be worse?" Peter answered, "Being locked in a room with you for a week!"

The trap opened, and Ray and Winston, both armed with their Proton Guns at the ready, tamed a skinny lime green ghost and sent him into another dimension. Van Sanders still wasn't satisfied and fiddled about with the machine, triggering an explosion which lost the transmission on what was happening!

Back at the 20/40/60 news desk, Bromo ran back into his seat and told us that we seem to be having technical difficulties receiving feedback from Van Sanders and Schreck so until we can get back to them, Bromo took it over to this week's commentary from Rune Ancient, who sat in his old antique shop and told us all about Fingernails Growing When You Stare At Them For A Really Long Time, and Dust Collecting On You When You Don't Move For A Long Time because Rune hates that. But then Bromo abrubtly interrupted that fascinating report to tell us that we've regained transmission from Ghostbusters Headquarters.

Back at the firehouse, as Winston and Peter was cleaning up the smoke from the explosion, Van Sanders mentioned that there was an "accident" with the equipment, but Ray grabbed him by the throat and yelled, "Accident nothing! It's your fault, you jellied ham!" before Winston restrained him! Egon had morphed into a big blue muscular demon who is free, free to destroy! Then Winston played a videotape which showed Egon's soul getting sucked into another dimension while a demon soul took over Egon's body, therefore creating Demon Egon! Peter ran in with a couple of sleep gas grenades, and put Demon Egon to sleep, but he got captured and taken back to the 20/40/60 headquarters by Schreck for an exclusive interview. The worst part is that in fifteen minutes, the switch becomes permanent so Ray and Winston decided to track Schreck back to 20/40/60 headquarters, while Peter ran back inside.

Van Sanders then sent it back to Bromo who hyped the next top story called Why News Anchormen Give Fascinating Comments At The End Of Each Report, but first this word from our sponsor.

- Commercial Break -

Bromo welcomed us back to the show as we continue the current situation that the Ghostbusters are in.

Peter was about to go into the other dimension to rescue Egon's soul while holding onto a rope held by Janine. Peter told Van Sanders to keep his distance...preferably on some other planet but Van Sanders just wouldn't listen as he stubbornly trailed along, and they find a lot of scary things like winged hands as Van Sanders asked, "What do you call these things?" Peter answered, "Only slightly less irritating than you." And they begins fighting those creatures before they met up with the lime green ghost from earlier on, and he didn't wanna stay in this spooky dimension, so he gave Peter the location of where Egon's soul is: over that hill, can't miss it. Peter thanked the lime green ghost and put him away in an Ecto-Trap! As Peter and Van Sanders climbed over the hill, they found Egon's soul being used as a trampoline for a one-legged ghost but Peter rescued Egon's soul, and they and Van Sanders gave the signal and Janine pulled them out.

Meanwhile at 20/40/60 headquarters, Schreck was interviewing Demon Egon, but then all heck broke loose as Demon Egon tore up the studio, but here come Ray and Winston to the rescue! They blasted a cartload of balls and Demon Egon drops Schreck who landed in Winston's arms! Schreck yelled, "Don't interfere with my interview!" Winston replied, "Interview?!? Lady, this is a riot!" Demon Egon even tore up Bromo's news desk and ran off into the streets with Ray and Winston giving chase in the Ecto-1 but Shreck tagged along as Ray said, "Are you crazy?! This is dangerous!" Winston than sarcastically asked Schreck, "Who do you think you are, Lois Lane?" As Ray drove Ecto-1 after Demon Egon, Winston aimed his Proton Gun to send the monster in the right direction back to the firehouse!

Back at the firehouse, Peter kissed Janine on the cheek (guess that means Peter really misses Dana Barrett) and told her, "If we paid you, I'd give you a raise." Then the Ecto-1 arrived and the Ghostbusters threw Egon's soul directly at Demon Egon, returning Egon back to normal, but the fat lady wasn't singing yet as the one-legged ghost arrived but Slimer tickled him into submission, while the demon ghost slimed Van Sanders and Schreck before colliding with the one-legged ghost, creating a small explosion, destroying the super-powered trans-warp machine!

All Egon could say after that while holding his PKE Meter, "This clean." Then Bromo, holding a cheap imitation of a news desk to make up for the one he lost, asked Van Sanders and Schreck for a wrap-up. Bot unfortunately they were covered in too much slime to do it, so Peter gave the wrap-up as he told the audience watching at home, "The big question at the beginning of the show was: Who needs the Ghostbusters? Well, everybody does. Although some people just need...a bath!" as he looked at Van Sanders and Schreck before taking it back to Bromo.

Back at 20/40/60 headquarters, Bromo said, "Well that's our show for tonight. Until next time, this is 20/40/60. We're on top of it, so you don't have to be. Good night." As the lights went out, Bromo fell over and his mock-up desk broke as the TV turned off.

The End

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