The Real Ghostbusters

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Unknown Sep 20, 1986 on ABC

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  • When the city's power malfunctions, causing household appliances and tools in a department store to become possessed, the Ghostbusters find themselves doing battle with a being known as Killerwatt, who has taken over the power station. Pretty good...

    This review contains spoilers.

    As I mentioned in my previous review for "Ghosts Я Us", there were several test pilots for 'The Real Ghostbusters' (one of which finally became the second season's "Knock Knock"), but this episode, "Killerwatt", was the first episode to be properly produced to completion.

    It's a fair installment that moves along at a good pace, and has an interesting opponent in Killerwatt, a beastie who has taken over the city's power plant, wreaking havoc with New York's electricity.

    As with these very early episodes, things are much more jokey-cartoony in style (even though it IS a cartoon anyway… if you get what I mean), with moments such as Slimer scaring a fierce dog so that all of its hair falls off.

    The battle in the department store, against all of the possessed household appliances and tools, is really well done, with some good animation and designs, and very exciting, with the Ghostbusters theme tune instrumental playing along behind it (chopping back and forth all over the track to suit the moment). In some ways, this is the best sequence of the episode.

    It is not until the second act (after the Containment Unit has nearly shut down and released all the ghosts), that the 'Busters head to the power plant and meet Killerwatt.
    Killerwatt himself is well designed (when he's possessing the power plant utilities; his 'pure' form is as an energy cloud), with quite a spooky face. However, I did feel there was a bit too much running and chasing around in the meantime, as is often the case with some of these episodes.

    Another thing I noticed with this episode was the several direct references to death; several moments, such as – with the Containment Unit going into meltdown – Egon saying that they will soon be dead, as well as Killerwatt saying he specialises in dead bodies. Although I haven't seen many episodes of RGB for some years, I don't recall too many episodes directly referencing death in such a way, and think that this was soon toned down for the young intended audience.

    This is one of the first episodes of 'The Real Ghostbusters' that I can ever remember watching as a kid (bearing in mind Children's ITV here in the U.K. ran them in a very random order). In fact, bearing in mind the tale of how I first came to see the series (see my previous review, for "Ghosts Я Us"), I think this actually may have been my first ever exposure to the series (though I'm pretty certain CITV didn't show it second in their run).

    I also seem to recall quite an early repeat (rerun) of the episode (possibly as CITV were waiting to get new episodes in), and the amusing closing scene, with Janine still furiously pedaling away to keep the Containment Unit powered, is one of my earliest, strongest memories of the series.

    Anyway, in all, this is a pretty good early RGB episode. It's not one of the series greats and could have fared even better if not for the mid-sections with lots of aimlessly running around, but considering it was the first "proper" episode completed, it does well enough. I give "Killerwatt" a decent 9 out of 10.
  • "Err don't take this the wrong way but in ten seconds we die!" Egon as the containment unit self-destructs

    This is quite a good episode in my opinon. From the opening battle in the department store to the end battle in the power station, every minute of this was exciting and instense. The Unit also suffered in this episode again. with the power gone, the containment unit was in danger of exploding and releasing the captures spirits and demons. Fortunately the pedal-locomotion device worked. The end where Janine was peddling without being told to stop was very funny. Killerwatt was quite a major threat in this episode and the team had trouble defeating him/it. However he was soon caught and contained and the power was restored.