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  • I ain't afraid of no ghost!


    This series was certainly one of the best ever done. Based on the famous franchise, which has given us 2 movies, an official videogame sequel, a huge amount of comic books, among many other things, comes this amazing cartoon, which tells us the adventures and misadventures of the Ghostbusters.

    Whenever the phone rang, and Janine picked up the call, Venkman, Ray, Egon and Winston were called to save the city from all kinds of supernatural peril, as well as getting paid for it.

    One fo the things that I loved about this series was the fact that Slimer was part of the team, as well as their mascot. I loved the interaction between the characters and the character development was one of those things that even today make this series one of a kind. Great work from J. Michael Stracyznski by giving Janine the spotlight in some of the episodes of this series.

    Who are you gonna call? The answer is obvious and you already know it. Call the gHostbusters and tell them that we believe in them, as well as they believe in us. 10 out of 10!

  • The corner stone of my child hood television experiance, this show has blossomed for me into a life long obsession.

    I'm pretty good with recalling my earliest memories of youth. One of those memories is sitting at the Tv in fall of 1988 and my two year old eyes transfixed on the TV to catch the newest episodes of the Real Ghostbusters. I didn't know it back then, but it would one day blossom into an obsession as I make my way to conventions, and ebay gathering up as much Ghostbusters memorabilia as I can. This show was one of the best written and constructed (And in Season 4 onward best animated) show of it's time. Running an impressive 140 episodes in 7 years, it is only outclassed by the movies it is based on. When ever I would hear the opening chords of "Ghostbusters" I knew it was tiem to sit down, laugh and let my worries melt away. To this day some 20 years later, I can still watch an episode and it makes me laugh, and in some instances get goose bumps of pure excitement. And the series would of been nothing without the highly talented cast. Lorenzo Music, Laura Summer, Frank Welker, Marice LaMarche, Arsenio Hall, and Later Buster Jones, Kate Soucie, Roger Bumpass and Dave Coulie. These acters portrayed they're characters with the diginity, and pure talent that Murray, Aykroyd, Ramis, and Hudson had brought to the table. I'm telling you right now. If you want to see the pinacle of animation from the late 80's and early 90's look no further than this show.
  • The Real Ghostbusters is an Animated show based on the 1984 hit Movie. The animated series picks up where the first film left off with the Ghostbusters busting ghosts throughout New York and eventually the world.

    This is a wonderful show. This show has it all comedy, action, developed characters, and imagination to spare. I watched this show when I was a child, I believe I have seen about 90% of the episodes. The best part about the show is that it is a children's cartoon but it is aimed at the entire family, so adults and kids can enjoy the show together. I recently watched some old VHS tapes of the show and I found it just as enjoyable as when I was a child. The humor is still very fresh considering the show ended over a decade ago. I think what kept the show so good is the writing and the characterizations. Even now I find myself forgetting that the characters and stories are animated and not reality (or are they?).

    The show was at its best during the first three seasons. I, however, feel the series stayed at a certain level of quality throughout its seven season run. Looking back some of the episodes might be a little scary for very young children, but have no fear the Ghostbusters usually come out on top. All in all this is quality family entertainment that doesn't play dumb to kids or their parents.
    A Classic show and also a personal favorite of mine.
  • 2 years after the Original Ghostbusters was released, A saturday morning cartoon starring your favorite characters from the movie was aired on ABC Saturday Morning.

    This was the best cartoon from the 1980's. I've seen every single episode from start to finish until it was cancelled in 1991. My favorite character was Slimer, he would make me laugh so hard every time he slimed Peter or he ate everything in the house, and the rest of the guys hated that. This is also a personal favorite of mine since I was a little kid.

    I give The Real Ghostbusters a 10........ out of 10
  • Great entertainment that still holds up today!

    "The Real Ghostbusters" is a superb show that retains the spirit of the orginal film while brilliantly expanding the range and scope of the concept. Unlike many of its contemporaries, RGB was written also with older viewers in mind, while still being aimed securely at the pre-teens.

    What was great about the show was that the GBs often had to use their brains instead of just their proton packs. What could have been a mindless shoot-em-up therefore became so much more. It was refreshing that the ghosts could give the GBs a run for their money - it made it seem as though the guys were in danger of losing for a change.

    The show also benefited from its sense of humour. The most obvious source of this was Dr. Peter Venkman with his endless supply of often hilarious wisecracks, but the other three also entertained. The group had a great chemistry and overall you cared for the characters. The voice work - provided by Lorenzo Music, Frank Welker, Maurice LaMarche and Arsenio Hall - was key to this. The actors really got into their parts and made their characters endearing and likeable.

    The storylines were diverse and imaginative, and covered a wide range of scenarios which often strayed from the "ghost of the week" formula. Talented writers such as J. Michael Straczynski (creator of Babylon 5), animation veteran and Star Trek novelist Michael Reaves, and Richard Mueller (who novelised the film screenplay) all contributed. They often took their inspirations from real-life mythology and writing - Lovecraft (Cthulhu), Hallowe'en and the feast of Samhaine, the Bogeyman, and even in one episode Sherlock Holmes! This helped raise the show to an entirely new level. Not to mention the fact that the storylines themselves could be pretty dark. One episode deals with a heartbroken young man taking his anger out on the world by bringing about Armageddon. Or how about the one with Cthulhu? Scary stuff for a "kids show".

    And I couldn't talk about RGB without mentioning the superb music. Haim Saban and Shuki Levy provided a number of eerie tracks that boosted the creepiness level immeasurably, as well as some catchy upbeat and "heroic" themes but helped make the show so musically distinctive.

    In short, RGB is a great show that trumps practically all cartoons made then or today. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who appreciates good cartoons. A cracking accompaniment to the two Ghostbusters movies and a lot better than the competent but charmless "Extreme Ghostbusters".
  • another classic 80s show

    heres another one them great classic shows from the 80s. some really needs to bring this one back and start reshowing it. or they need to start put out some good full season dvds for this show i hate them 1 vol $20 dvd that they made that were not even remastered.
  • I wish i owned this series.

    When i was younger, i remember almost everyday i rushed home to watch this cartoon series. It showed an hour after my school got out, but because i took the bus and had to walk some ways i\'d always make it home right when it started or sometimes i\'d miss it. When i would miss it i remember i would be down for like an hour or so. I think everyone who watched the series had a favorite character, mine was egon because he some how always new everything. I think i will purchase this cartoon series so that someday my kids could enjoy it the way i did.
  • Who are you going to call?

    Ghostbusters, thats who. A classic cartoon from the 80's that very much needs to be put on DVD, if only that would happen, I'd most certainly buy each and every season that came out. This was a great, great cartoon, easily one that was ahead of its time IMO, and one that will hopefully get the reconizion that it deserves.
  • The Real Ghostbusters was my personal favorite after finding out that Peter Venkman's voice was Garfield's voice.

    Every saturday morning I first viewed this awesome show when I was 10yrs old. I hope someday DIC releases an official dvd box set of the RGB considering how many fans their are today. Even if never saw this show take a peek never know might become a fan. EXCELLENT!!!
  • Another classic cartoon from the past. I could still watch all it\'s episodes.

    Some of it is coming out soon on DVD and i\'m definitely gonna get hold of that. Great humour throughout the show and some of the plots are just great, it\'s one of the best cartoons ever amde and even it\'s follow up of the \'Extreme Ghostbusters\' was made brilliantly. It needs more credit and is very much under-appreciated nowadays, it\'s even brought in some classic quotes and theme music from it\'s time and I hope it draws in newer viewers through the DVD and \'Extreme Ghostbusters\'.
  • The Real Ghostbusters takes place between the two movies I believe. It's basically the four Ghostbusters doing their job, accompanied by their "pet" slimer. The episodes contain much variety and also have pretty good stories. It's deffinately one of the b

    This is probabally my favorite cartoon of all time. You can still watch the episodes today, and still get into it. The action doesen't get old. The Music is great. Episodes contain much humory, drama, and even some scares. Every story is a fresh and new experience. The characters are well polished and have great voice actors to bring them to life. The cartoon really shows the era that which it was created. It's just a classic show. There's nothing else to it. The Real Ghostbusters was ahead of it's time. Id like to think it was one of the best cartoons of my time. Awesome show
  • Who are we going to call?

    The Real Ghostbusters is/was a show that dealt with four men (who were friends and co-workers btw) trapping anc containing troublesome and evil ghosts in the city of New York.

    The show was based around the film(s)which were really successful.

    also, there was Janine and Slimer to help, as well as a few familiar additional characters.

    i loved this show, its was cutting edge and informed children of the supernatural world in an informative and fun way. the characters were excellent and on the odd occasion were given moments to prove themselves. i want it to come back - in any shape or form!
  • I miss this cartoons

    I'm glad i found them on Slimer and Peter going at it cracks me up the most and Lorenzo Music did such a great job doing the voice of Peter. Him and Slimer fighting with eachother reminds me ALOT of Sam and Gollum going at it and it also reminds me of Garfield going at it with Odie and Nermal. This version of Ghostbusters is and always has been more entertaining for me to watch than the other version of Ghostbusters. The 80's had alot of likeable cartoons that i miss alot that are alot better than the kids cartoons that came out in the late 90's to today. Kid's cartoons nowadays lack good imagination and are too watered down to enjoy
  • This was one of the great cartoons of the 80's

    The Real Ghostbusters was a very awsome show it had it all action,humor and adventure. And all the voice actors were great like Lorenzo Music,Maurice Lamarche,Frank Welker,Arsenio Hall and Laura Summer and the replacements as well. But i liked Lorenzo Music much better as the voice of Peter Venkman than Dave Coulier (no offense). The early episodes were awsome. I really liked the episode ''Adventures in Slime and Space''. And i liked how they came up with new ways to catch ghosts. And in some episodes Janine used a Proton pack wich proved that she could help the other ghostbusters. For example in the episode ''Janine Melnitz Ghostbuster'' she went searching after the other ghostbusters that were kidnapped by a demon named Proteus. And to end this review i want to say that The Real Ghostbusters is a very great cartoon show.
  • One of the greatest cartoons from the 80's.

    Based on the popular Columbia Tristar movie, "The Real Ghostbusters" is a fantastic show that not only stays true to the format, but it also has great cast of characters we're all familiar with, as well as the song that made it popular.

    Just like the movie, the show focus on the Ghostbuster's job to eliminate the threats of the supernatural all over New York City, no matter how powerful they are. With the assistance of sweet Janice and comic-relief Slimer, they make sure the job gets done.

    Lasting for seven seasons, original concepts and storyline, the Real Ghostbuster was truly the best at its prime.
  • Everyone had always wondered what the Ghostbusters were up to after their first movie 'Ghostbusters' in 1984? Well, this cartoon takes place after the first movie. This was one of my favorite cartoons to watch on Saturday morning, and even though I'm an

    The Cartoon actually in some ways didn't even look like the ghostbusters, but. . . it was a great cartoon that ran on ABC for 5 years.

    I remember always waking up and tuning into this cartoon and ate breakfast on the couch and watched my Ghostbusters.

    For a cartoon, this show ran for a long time and I truly miss it.

  • While other cartoons from the 80s are better remembered today, Real Ghostbusters was, hands down, the best written animated show of that decade, and one of the best ever.

    Based on the events of the Ghostbusters movie, The Real Ghostbusters departed from the look of the characters in the movie, but the personalities were left intact. This cartoon had a good number of well-known writers behind it (like J. M. Straczynski, just to name one) and great voice talent.

    During the first two seasons it had some of the best animation of it's time, and even today it looks great. The artists also capture a certain spooky mood and atmosphere to balance against the comedy of it all, just like the movie.

    From the third or fourth season onwards, the show quality dipped a bit, but was for the most part very good. Later it became "Slimer and The Real Ghostbusters" aimed at smaller children than originaly intended.

    Great episodes from earliy in the show that I can remember (it's been a while) are: "Knock, Knock", "No one ever comes to Lupusville" "The Boogieman Cometh", "Ragnarok and Roll", "Doctor, Doctor", "Citizen Ghost", "Apocalyspe, what now?", "Mr Sandman Dream me a dream", "When Halloween was forever", "Ghostbuster of the year", "Spacebusters", these are the only I can remember vividly from just reading the synopsises here at

    Oh, right! and the proton-packs were never enough to catch the main ghost, so the ghostbusters always had to come up with a clever alternative way to achieve thier goal.

    Other cartoons from that time are already out on DVD (He-man, Thundercats, GI-Joe, Transformers, TMNT, etc.). Why has it taken so long for this show to be immortalized in that format is a good question.
  • The unforgettable animated Ghostbusters show.

    Ghostbusters, what a funny movie. Th animated show? Yeah, that's cool too. As good as the movie? No, but it's entertaining to say the least. Every week kids looked forward to what the Ghostbusters have to deal with next. I just got the first volume of the show on DVD and yes I know they are now releasing the entire collection at the same time (figures). In short, I know this show was made for the simple purpose of bringing in ratings and money, let alone merchandise. But you know what, it's a cool show. Some of the lines are funny and when Lorenzo Music voiced Peter Venkman, it was classic. The only thing I really don't like about the show is Slimer. Don't get me wrong, he looks cool and I think I remember liking him as a kid (he also looks perfect as the mascot of certain products). Why they made a spinoff with Slimer being a real main character, I'm not quite sure but it goes to show that kids can get taken in easily. Apart from these things The Real Ghostbusters was a cool kid's show and I'm proud to have it in my DVD collection.
  • Suppressed childhood memories resurfaces-

    Not much to say about this show,it was one of those childhood memories you don't really remember till you actually go rent the movie itself.

    I actually like this series and I brought a couple of the DVD and was amazed by the fact that it was animated and done by Japanese crew...

    Anyways each episode is a story itself and I must say,not every episode was very good, although they did have some jokes that tend to seem to be more for adults...

    Besides that, The Real Ghostbuster is actually one of those Saturdays Morning Cartoons I did not want to miss when I was a kid.
  • Favourite show when I was a kid.

    This was my favourite show when I was a kid. I guess you could call me obsessed with the show too. I remember my dad used to get up at six in the morning every week day to tape it for me and my brother. Everyone on the playground used to play ghostbusters until the ninja turtles fad started but I stayed with the ghostbusters. As I got older though and the cartoon only came on on a Saturday I started missing the new episodes. That's why I'm happy that they finally came out on dvd. I still have some of the shows on VHS like Kilowatt, When Halloween Was Forever, Mr. Sandman, Dream Me A Dream and Troll Bridge that I would get out and watch from time to time but now I can watch the dvd's. I don't know why they didn't put this show on dvd earlier.
  • This is way better than what people say it is!

    Why do people keep saying that Extreme Ghostbusters is better? I hated that version! This one, however I liked. The newer version was too pretentious and "extreme". But this one is more genuine and it appeals to my tastes more. The plots were quite good, and the characters were interesting, so why is everyone dissing it? Some people take things WAY too seriously. No-one ever gave the show a chance, and I don't understand why because this was well produced!

    Think what you like, but I like this one more than the new one.
  • I think I like this show mostly because I watched it when I grew up (And totally wanted to be one)

    The Real Ghostbusters were my idols when I was younger and got up ever Saturday morning (You know, when they had REAL cartoons on) to watch this on ABC.

    I can't believe that it was finally taken off because of violence concerns. Today it seems it would be on the disney channel compared with others.

    Peter was my favorite for being out being himself but loved to watch the other guys too before the show kind of turned into that slimer type thing which degraded the series.

    The show had great story lines (at least from what I can remember) and I'd surely purchase a DVD set of this show. Its just one of those you remember from when you were a kid way back in the 80's and those pleasant Saturday mornings.
  • A classic from the 80s. Good Comedy but with rather one, at best, two dimensional characters.

    You can watch this for some great comedy although you cant expect consistency from every episode. It is somewhat uneven but enjoyable nevertheless, if you happen to have a whole bunch of episodes. I did however find the characters to be very one or at best, two dimensional. Egon is great and equal to Harold Ramis in the movies but the rest are complete downgrades. Venkman though no Murray, is perhaps passable but Stantz is no Dan Ackroyd and neither is Winston his counterpart in the movie. This Winston is portrayed as smarter than the one in the movie but he lacks personality. Granted that this was an early show and not too much can be expected of it yet I felt that the characters had plenty of chances for depth. They talked a lot but said very little and did even less. Good news that there is also a newer series called Extreme Ghostbusters, with much deeper, truely three dimensional characters. Even so, I would prefer the Real Ghostbuster series for comedy, the new one for everything else. But what can be said about this series is that is relatively more survivable in the market compared to a lot of other 80s cartoons. This is because of its great execution.
  • One of the better classics from the 80s. However, not nearly as good as the movies \"Ghostbusters\", \"Ghostbusters-II\" or the newer Extreme Ghostbusters. But still, very very good and is highly watchable even today.

    Popularity seems to have extensively grown from connections to the old Ghostbuster movies. In that sense, it is a tiny bit overrated but that does not mean that the series is not excellent. But for children, I guess that this would be more enjoyable? This is surely something worth collecting.

    In this series, brilliant characters compensate for mediocre storylines. This has been fixed in Extreme Ghostbusters where both the characters and stories are positively brilliant but it must also be mentioned that while a movie can be made into a cartoon series, doing vice-versa is the perfect recepie for disaster. That should never ever be done.
  • RGB's biggest strength is the charm of the 80s built into it. This was one of the better cartoons of the time, which was also a prime period. Was it good? Yes. Was it brilliant? No but the follow on Extreme ghostbusters was.

    One of the things that strikes you about RGB is the excellent direction thanks to Richard Raynis who also went on to develop something better in the form of Extreme ghostbusters. The storylines in RGB are pretty straightforward, not too much thinking required, not much suspense or horror or twists, not too complicated as required by a younger audience or kids show. The animation was above average and the music was great. The sound effects were good. Good dialogue and decent humor.

    Although RGB is inferior in every way to Extreme Ghostbusters and the latter acheived what the former could not, the XGB could have never been without the RGB so this started something really awesome and deserves extra points for the same. XGB is quite possibly the best show in the history of animation (at least in its genre) anyway and RGB should get credit for planting the seeds for the same in the 80s.

  • Highly over-rated. This does'nt even compare to the movies or the follow on XGB. Good if you caught it on TV as a kid but disappointing if you a new viewer.

    Without doubt, the RGB was one of the better cartoons of the 80s but its certainly not perfect. Although 120 episodes were produced, only the first season could offer something decent with a visible quality drop in both writing and animation in the follow on seasons.

    RGB cashed in on the success of the first movie (which remains Columbia Tristar's most popular) but simplistic storylines, irritating attempts at humor and puns by Venkman and lacklustre animation were all downfalls. The guy who saved this show was Egon Spengler. The rest were very shallow characters who often did'nt show much emotion or expression. It was'nt a serious show and neither were the ghosts presented that way. While this could entertain children, mature audiences would'nt find this too exciting. Let me give you an example of attempted humor,

    Girl: I'm a mambo you see..
    Venkman : But you're so young?
    Egon: She said Mambo, peter, not a mama!

    Dreadful is'nt it? Yet, this episode was highly rated to near perfection.

    Supposedly, the best episodes included "Knock Knock", "The Grundel", "The Boogieman cometh", "Ragnarocknroll", "Play them ragtime boos", "No one comes to Lupusville" and so on but the fact is that none of them had any consistency in quality. They were perhaps memorable for one single feature or moment in them but overall, I cannot see anything impressive. In particular episodes like "Play them ragtime boos" and "Chicken he clucked" were absolutely dreadful. In the former, Stantz magically constructs a blaster in the middle of nowhere. "Killer watt" was another useless piece of garbage where the team shoots kitchen ware and laundry machines. "Knock Knock" is perhaps the most over-rated of all, a horrible episode saved only by a wonderful background score. "The Boogieman cometh" had great potential but has to be one of the worst storylines ever written. And all this was just the beginning - Season 1/2 !!!

    In addition, there were plenty of spoofs and parodies thrown in - of the TMNT and even the Simpsons, covering entire episodes. Bye bye seriousness. There should have been a healthy mix of comedy and seriousness but RGB was too comical in its approach, failing even in that sector, a lot. One or two episodes were however, really good.

    The biggest strength of this show was the original soundtrack by Tahiti. To conclude, while this was no doubt fun to kill time with, it is no way, as brilliant as its made out to be. The only reason why people do the latter is because of nostalgia. But this does'nt make up for obsolescence in today's scenario. This was'nt the absolute best of the 80s either. I'd give that title to JMS's own "Spiral Zone", something totally serious with no humor but still, at least two levels better made than RGB.

    Thank god for XGB. It does great things for ghostbusting and recommended instead for a new viewer.