The Real Ghostbusters

ABC (ended 1991)


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  • RGB's biggest strength is the charm of the 80s built into it. This was one of the better cartoons of the time, which was also a prime period. Was it good? Yes. Was it brilliant? No but the follow on Extreme ghostbusters was.

    One of the things that strikes you about RGB is the excellent direction thanks to Richard Raynis who also went on to develop something better in the form of Extreme ghostbusters. The storylines in RGB are pretty straightforward, not too much thinking required, not much suspense or horror or twists, not too complicated as required by a younger audience or kids show. The animation was above average and the music was great. The sound effects were good. Good dialogue and decent humor.

    Although RGB is inferior in every way to Extreme Ghostbusters and the latter acheived what the former could not, the XGB could have never been without the RGB so this started something really awesome and deserves extra points for the same. XGB is quite possibly the best show in the history of animation (at least in its genre) anyway and RGB should get credit for planting the seeds for the same in the 80s.

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