The Real Ghostbusters

ABC (ended 1991)


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  • The Real Ghostbusters takes place between the two movies I believe. It's basically the four Ghostbusters doing their job, accompanied by their "pet" slimer. The episodes contain much variety and also have pretty good stories. It's deffinately one of the b

    This is probabally my favorite cartoon of all time. You can still watch the episodes today, and still get into it. The action doesen't get old. The Music is great. Episodes contain much humory, drama, and even some scares. Every story is a fresh and new experience. The characters are well polished and have great voice actors to bring them to life. The cartoon really shows the era that which it was created. It's just a classic show. There's nothing else to it. The Real Ghostbusters was ahead of it's time. Id like to think it was one of the best cartoons of my time. Awesome show