The Real Ghostbusters

ABC (ended 1991)


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  • This was one of the great cartoons of the 80's

    The Real Ghostbusters was a very awsome show it had it all action,humor and adventure. And all the voice actors were great like Lorenzo Music,Maurice Lamarche,Frank Welker,Arsenio Hall and Laura Summer and the replacements as well. But i liked Lorenzo Music much better as the voice of Peter Venkman than Dave Coulier (no offense). The early episodes were awsome. I really liked the episode ''Adventures in Slime and Space''. And i liked how they came up with new ways to catch ghosts. And in some episodes Janine used a Proton pack wich proved that she could help the other ghostbusters. For example in the episode ''Janine Melnitz Ghostbuster'' she went searching after the other ghostbusters that were kidnapped by a demon named Proteus. And to end this review i want to say that The Real Ghostbusters is a very great cartoon show.