The Real Ghostbusters

ABC (ended 1991)


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  • A classic from the 80s. Good Comedy but with rather one, at best, two dimensional characters.

    You can watch this for some great comedy although you cant expect consistency from every episode. It is somewhat uneven but enjoyable nevertheless, if you happen to have a whole bunch of episodes. I did however find the characters to be very one or at best, two dimensional. Egon is great and equal to Harold Ramis in the movies but the rest are complete downgrades. Venkman though no Murray, is perhaps passable but Stantz is no Dan Ackroyd and neither is Winston his counterpart in the movie. This Winston is portrayed as smarter than the one in the movie but he lacks personality. Granted that this was an early show and not too much can be expected of it yet I felt that the characters had plenty of chances for depth. They talked a lot but said very little and did even less. Good news that there is also a newer series called Extreme Ghostbusters, with much deeper, truely three dimensional characters. Even so, I would prefer the Real Ghostbuster series for comedy, the new one for everything else. But what can be said about this series is that is relatively more survivable in the market compared to a lot of other 80s cartoons. This is because of its great execution.