The Real Ghostbusters

ABC (ended 1991)


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  • The Real Ghostbusters is an Animated show based on the 1984 hit Movie. The animated series picks up where the first film left off with the Ghostbusters busting ghosts throughout New York and eventually the world.

    This is a wonderful show. This show has it all comedy, action, developed characters, and imagination to spare. I watched this show when I was a child, I believe I have seen about 90% of the episodes. The best part about the show is that it is a children's cartoon but it is aimed at the entire family, so adults and kids can enjoy the show together. I recently watched some old VHS tapes of the show and I found it just as enjoyable as when I was a child. The humor is still very fresh considering the show ended over a decade ago. I think what kept the show so good is the writing and the characterizations. Even now I find myself forgetting that the characters and stories are animated and not reality (or are they?).

    The show was at its best during the first three seasons. I, however, feel the series stayed at a certain level of quality throughout its seven season run. Looking back some of the episodes might be a little scary for very young children, but have no fear the Ghostbusters usually come out on top. All in all this is quality family entertainment that doesn't play dumb to kids or their parents.
    A Classic show and also a personal favorite of mine.
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