The Real Ghostbusters

ABC (ended 1991)


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  • I ain't afraid of no ghost!


    This series was certainly one of the best ever done. Based on the famous franchise, which has given us 2 movies, an official videogame sequel, a huge amount of comic books, among many other things, comes this amazing cartoon, which tells us the adventures and misadventures of the Ghostbusters.

    Whenever the phone rang, and Janine picked up the call, Venkman, Ray, Egon and Winston were called to save the city from all kinds of supernatural peril, as well as getting paid for it.

    One fo the things that I loved about this series was the fact that Slimer was part of the team, as well as their mascot. I loved the interaction between the characters and the character development was one of those things that even today make this series one of a kind. Great work from J. Michael Stracyznski by giving Janine the spotlight in some of the episodes of this series.

    Who are you gonna call? The answer is obvious and you already know it. Call the gHostbusters and tell them that we believe in them, as well as they believe in us. 10 out of 10!

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