The Real Ghostbusters

ABC (ended 1991)


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  • Highly over-rated. This does'nt even compare to the movies or the follow on XGB. Good if you caught it on TV as a kid but disappointing if you a new viewer.

    Without doubt, the RGB was one of the better cartoons of the 80s but its certainly not perfect. Although 120 episodes were produced, only the first season could offer something decent with a visible quality drop in both writing and animation in the follow on seasons.

    RGB cashed in on the success of the first movie (which remains Columbia Tristar's most popular) but simplistic storylines, irritating attempts at humor and puns by Venkman and lacklustre animation were all downfalls. The guy who saved this show was Egon Spengler. The rest were very shallow characters who often did'nt show much emotion or expression. It was'nt a serious show and neither were the ghosts presented that way. While this could entertain children, mature audiences would'nt find this too exciting. Let me give you an example of attempted humor,

    Girl: I'm a mambo you see..
    Venkman : But you're so young?
    Egon: She said Mambo, peter, not a mama!

    Dreadful is'nt it? Yet, this episode was highly rated to near perfection.

    Supposedly, the best episodes included "Knock Knock", "The Grundel", "The Boogieman cometh", "Ragnarocknroll", "Play them ragtime boos", "No one comes to Lupusville" and so on but the fact is that none of them had any consistency in quality. They were perhaps memorable for one single feature or moment in them but overall, I cannot see anything impressive. In particular episodes like "Play them ragtime boos" and "Chicken he clucked" were absolutely dreadful. In the former, Stantz magically constructs a blaster in the middle of nowhere. "Killer watt" was another useless piece of garbage where the team shoots kitchen ware and laundry machines. "Knock Knock" is perhaps the most over-rated of all, a horrible episode saved only by a wonderful background score. "The Boogieman cometh" had great potential but has to be one of the worst storylines ever written. And all this was just the beginning - Season 1/2 !!!

    In addition, there were plenty of spoofs and parodies thrown in - of the TMNT and even the Simpsons, covering entire episodes. Bye bye seriousness. There should have been a healthy mix of comedy and seriousness but RGB was too comical in its approach, failing even in that sector, a lot. One or two episodes were however, really good.

    The biggest strength of this show was the original soundtrack by Tahiti. To conclude, while this was no doubt fun to kill time with, it is no way, as brilliant as its made out to be. The only reason why people do the latter is because of nostalgia. But this does'nt make up for obsolescence in today's scenario. This was'nt the absolute best of the 80s either. I'd give that title to JMS's own "Spiral Zone", something totally serious with no humor but still, at least two levels better made than RGB.

    Thank god for XGB. It does great things for ghostbusting and recommended instead for a new viewer.
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