The Real Ghostbusters - Season 1

ABC (ended 1991)


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Episode Guide

  • 12/13/86
    The Ghostbusters end up getting sent back in time, where they accidentally trap the three Christmas spirits (Past, Present and Future) before they could reform Ebenezer Scrooge. When they return to the present, they find everything has changed and that Christmas no longer exists. Egon journeys into the containment unit to get the three Christmas spirits out while the others try to reform Scrooge themselves.moreless
  • Janine's Genie
    Episode 12
    Janine accompanies the Ghostbusters on a job and accepts an old lamp as part of the payment. A genie happens to be inside the lamp and he grants her wishes (the first making her the boss and the second making Egon love her). However, the genie is also opening a gateway to let many ghosts enter our world.moreless
  • Citizen Ghost
    Episode 11
    Peter tells reporter Cynthia Crawford the story of what happened to the Ghostbusters after they defeated Gozer. They had to deal with a green ghost (which Ray named Slimer) constantly hanging around them and evil ghostly doubles out to get rid of them.
  • Take Two
    Episode 10
    Get ready for Hollywood's surefire blockbuster about the Ghostbusters. The advisors to the project are the guys themselves, and Slimer joins them on their flight to Hollywood. Tinsel Town may not be ready for the resulting antics, but bigger problems await. The studio turns out to be home to a ghost that demands total peace and quiet, and it has just woken up. Even worse, workers mistake the proton packs for props and place them in storage without the Ghostbusters' knowledge. When the ghost possesses a giant robot prop and begins an attack, the guys find themselves completely defenseless.moreless
  • Look Homeward, Ray
    Episode 9
    Ray is asked to be in a parade in his hometown, but his homecoming is far from pleasant when a jealous foe tries to make him look like bad by casting ghostly spells.
  • 11/1/86
    The evil spirit of Halloween known as Samhaine seeks to make Halloween last forever and only the Ghostbusters can stop them.
  • 10/25/86
    The Sandman arrives in New York and attempts to put everyone to sleep for five hundred years. And with every person put to sleep, their dreams become real. Can the Ghostbusters stop the Sandman or will they fall asleep with the rest of the city?
  • 10/18/86
    Meghan and Kenny Carter are being scared by the Boogieman and go to the Ghostbusters for the help. Unfortunately, the children's parents aren't happy when the Ghostbusters barge into their homes in the middle of the night and ask them to leave. They'll have to find another way to face the Boogieman, which leads to a showdown in his realm.moreless
  • Troll Bridge
    Episode 5
    A troll becomes separated from it's group of trolls. The Ghostbusters have to find this troll before the others send giant fire flies to destroy New York.
  • Slimer, Come Home
    Episode 4
    After Peter yells at Slimer for eating Winston's birthday cake, Slimer runs away and gets mixed up with some very mean Poltergeists.
  • 9/27/86
    After a week-long lull, the Ghostbusters get a case and to a haunted house, no less. Ray takes the house's occupants – Mrs. Rodgers and her pet bird – back to the firehouse for their own safety, while the others inspect the area. A variety of increasingly bizarre happenings do occur and Egon attributes it all to Watt, a powerful demon. The situation proves worse than they could've imagined, however, as Watt has a bigger plan than a mere haunting.moreless
  • Killerwatt
    Episode 2
    A ghost named Killerwatt has taken over the power plant, leaving New York City powerless.
  • Ghosts Я Us
    Ghosts Я Us
    Episode 1
    It's business as usual when the Ghostbusters nab a family of Class Fives – an irritable dad, a doting mom and a dumb baby. Unfortunately, when Slimer tries to sneak some food without permission, he accidentally ensures that the Class Fives' stay won't even last through the night. The newly freed family are now out for one thing – revenge. Soon enough, Ghosts 'R Us hits the scene and their "successes" make the guys look second-rate at every turn. The Ghostbusters may soon be out of business, but when the ghost family attempts to finish the job, they unleash a force that endangers all of New York City.moreless