The Real Ghostbusters - Season 3

ABC (ended 1991)


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Episode Guide

  • Camping it Up
    Episode 13
    The Ghostbusters embark on a camping trip, only to run into (among other things) Big Foot.
  • The Copycat
    Episode 12
    The Ghostbusters have to deal with a shape shifter in their own headquarters.
  • 11/21/87
    The Ghostbusters' old "pal" and nemesis, Walter J. Peck, ex-EPA hatchet man extrodinaire, is back from the Gozer Incident, and he's trying to raise some trouble with the Ghostbusters again. First he tries to get them arrested for illegal trespassing by calling in a phony ghost alert at a military base in Queens, but after that backfires, Peck joins up with BUFO (Bureau of Unidentified Flying Organisms), and takes Slimer with a court order. After some tests, Peck deems Slimer a hazard case and plans to destroy him with a cyclotron. Will the Ghostbusters be able to save Slimer before it's too late? Let's just say, Slimer's last moments in the cyclotron ain't pretty.moreless
  • The Grundel
    Episode 10
    A boy named Lee goes to the Ghostbusters for help when his brother, Alec, begins acting strangely and doing bad things. When the guys decide to investigate, Egon learns a Grundel is making Alec do bad things and if something is not done soon, he will become one.
  • 11/7/87
    A family asks the Ghostbusters to find out why a bunch of weird stuff is happening in their house.
  • Halloween II 1/2
    Episode 8
    On Halloween night, two goblins release Samhaine from the containment unit and he takes over the firehouse.
  • Sticky Business
    Episode 7
    The Ghostbusters release the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from the containment unit to shoot a commercial in exchange for getting $50,000 for a children's hospital. However, during the process of letting Stay Puft out, a phantom escapes as well and seeks revenge against the Ghostbusters.
  • 10/17/87
    An ectoplasmic entity leaks out of the containment unit and it makes Slimer turn into a big ugly monster during his sleep.
  • Once Upon a Slime
    Episode 5
    Slimer puts a book of fairy tales under one of Egon's inventions, leading to New York to become infested with fairy tale creatures.
  • The Boogieman Is Back
    After an almost deadly fall off the World Trade Center, Egon's fears start to get the better of him. So much so that the Boogieman manages to tap into his fear and escape from his realm.
  • 9/26/87
    Egon is set to have a battle of intelligence against a powerful demon, but unfortunately he and Slimer accidentally exchange minds.
  • 9/19/87
    A ghost gives animals the ability to talk and interact and uses them to help take over the world.
  • Baby Spookums
    Episode 1
    A rip between dimensions allows a small friendly ghost to wander off into New York and Slimer decides to look after it. However, the ghost's parents come looking for their child, but the Ghostbusters do not know that and try to bust them.