The Real Ghostbusters - Season 4

ABC (ended 1991)


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Episode Guide

  • 11/19/88
    The Ghostbusters have been losing stuff left and right lately and they aren't the only ones. Turns out it's part of a hole that has been opened at Winston's father's construction site. When Winston and his dad fall in, Peter and Ray go after them and arrive in the land of lost objects.moreless
  • Follow That Hearse
    Episode 7
    As Winston readies Ecto-1 for a car show, the Ghostbusters get called to a dump to stop a very angry ghost. They fail to trap the ghost and think it got away, but it really takes over Ecto-1.
  • Short Stuff
    Episode 6
    The vile Ghostmaster sends his three best bounty hunters to capture the Ghostbusters alive. The first two get busted, but the third shrinks the guys down. While they try to avoid capture, Janine and Slimer try to find a spell to return them to normal size.
  • Robo-Buster
    Episode 5
    Janine's rich new boyfriend, Paul Smart, steals a ghost trap and other technology to build a robot catching ghost, Robo-Buster. The Ghostbusters are being driven out of business by Robo-Buster, which seemingly destroys ghosts rather than trapping them. Turns out all those ghosts, including poor Slimer, have been made into one giant ghost because of this and they want revenge.moreless
  • Standing Room Only
    Episode 4
    It's spring and a hay fever stricken Peter doesn't want to leave the firehouse, so he invents a ghost attractor that will bring the ghosts to them instead. Ghosts do start arriving, but it's not because of Peter's invention. It's because the ghosts are fleeing Mee-Krah, a ghost feeding entity that will destroy New York City if it isn't stopped.moreless
  • Poultrygeist
    Episode 3
    Peter, Ray and Winston get a call from a farmer, who claims to have encountered a giant chicken. They find a giant were-chicken egg and Peter and Slimer bring it back to the firehouse, where it hatches and the were-chicken inside bites Egon, turning him into one.
  • Flip Side
    Episode 2
    Peter, Egon and Ray are transported to another dimension via a supernatural tornado. They arrive in Boo York and not only do they have to worry about getting home, but also the ghostly Peoplebusters.
  • The Joke's on Ray
    Episode 1
    Ray and Slimer have been in a joking mood lately, but things are about to get worse when a magical box is opened and releases two imps that like to play deadly practical jokes.