The Real Ghostbusters

Season 1 Episode 4

Slimer, Come Home

Aired Unknown Oct 04, 1986 on ABC
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Slimer, Come Home
After Peter yells at Slimer for eating Winston's birthday cake, Slimer runs away and gets mixed up with some very mean Poltergeists.

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  • Probably one of the best episodes of this series.

    This episode has everything in it: Drama, action, suspense and comedy. This happens to be one of the saddest episodes in the series, which I think it's one of those things that make it special.

    When Slimer accidentally ruins Winston's Birthday party, by eating his birthday cake, Peter yells at him, saying that he's nothing but a ghost who just can't help himself from eating every candy he sees, and also saying that he was nothing else but trouble from the first time he saw him. This hurts Slimer's feelings to the point that he thinks that nobody really likes him, so he leaves, never to return. When Janine and the boys find out about it, they decide to go out looking for Slimer... all except for Peter (he joins later to the gang), because he thinks that Slimer's running away is not his fault, although deep down, he knows that he was the one who made him do that. While tracking Slimer, the Ghostbusters find out that there's an evil Poltergeist on the loose in Manhattan, and if they don't stop him, he will end up absorbing Slimer, trapping him inside of him forever.

    This just proves that shows like these are not done anymore. 10 out of 10!moreless
Lorenzo Music

Lorenzo Music

voice of Peter Venkman (Season 1-2)

Laura Summer

Laura Summer

voice of Janine Melnitz (Season 1-2)

Arsenio Hall

Arsenio Hall

voice of Winston Zeddemore (Season 1-3)

Frank Welker

Frank Welker

voice of Ray Stantz / Slimer

Maurice LaMarche

Maurice LaMarche

voice of Egon Spengler

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    • Peter: Ghosts don't have feelings.
      Janine: Oh no? (reads Slimer's note) No one likes me, I'm always doing bad things, I try but I just can't help it, so it's better if I leave. Goodbye forever, Slimer.
      Ray: Let me see that. You can read this?
      Janine: I'm a secretary, I can read anything.

    • Slimer: (looks in a bakery window): Cookies! Yum yum! (remembers what Peter said):
      Peter: He helps himself to everything that isn't nailed down or on fire.
      Slimer: Bye cookies.

    • (after Janine reads something apparently indecipherable)
      Ray: You can read this?
      Janine: I'm a secretary. I can read anything.

    • Egon: Ruuuun!
      Peter: Noooo, blast'em!
      (disaster ensues as Peter fires his proton gun)
      Peter: ...Ok, so I saw a Clint Eastwood movie last night and got carried away. Sue me.

    • Egon: Why aren't you looking for Slimer?
      Ray: It's a new theory of mine. Ever notice how if you go looking for someone, you almost never find them? Well, I figured if I wait in one place, everybody I've ever met in my entire life will come by sooner or later.
      Egon: Ray, I think you should know, that's the most ridiculous theory I have ever...
      Mrs. Milligan: Ray Stantz, hello!
      Ray: That's Mrs. Milligan, my 2nd grade teacher. Hi Mrs. Milligan.
      Egon: Ray, I think one of us needs a nice long vacation.

    • Winston: Slimer just can't help himself.
      Peter: Are you kidding, he helps himself to everything that isn't nailed down or on fire. But what use is he, huh, the first time I saw you, ya slimed me. You've been nothing but trouble since, so do us all a favor, cut it out!! Okay?!?
      Slimer: Yeah, (mumble, mumble) okay.
      Ray: You were awfully hard on him Peter, I think you hurt his feelings.
      Peter: Well, he has to learn. Besides, ghosts don't have feelings.
      Ray: Oh? I wonder...

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