The Real Ghostbusters

Season 1 Episode 4

Slimer, Come Home

Aired Unknown Oct 04, 1986 on ABC
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Episode Summary

After Peter yells at Slimer for eating Winston's birthday cake, Slimer runs away and gets mixed up with some very mean Poltergeists.

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Lorenzo Music

Lorenzo Music

voice of Peter Venkman (Season 1-2)

Laura Summer

Laura Summer

voice of Janine Melnitz (Season 1-2)

Arsenio Hall

Arsenio Hall

voice of Winston Zeddemore (Season 1-3)

Frank Welker

Frank Welker

voice of Ray Stantz / Slimer

Maurice LaMarche

Maurice LaMarche

voice of Egon Spengler

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    • Peter: Ghosts don't have feelings.
      Janine: Oh no? (reads Slimer's note) No one likes me, I'm always doing bad things, I try but I just can't help it, so it's better if I leave. Goodbye forever, Slimer.
      Ray: Let me see that. You can read this?
      Janine: I'm a secretary, I can read anything.

    • Slimer: (looks in a bakery window): Cookies! Yum yum! (remembers what Peter said):
      Peter: He helps himself to everything that isn't nailed down or on fire.
      Slimer: Bye cookies.

    • (after Janine reads something apparently indecipherable)
      Ray: You can read this?
      Janine: I'm a secretary. I can read anything.

    • Egon: Ruuuun!
      Peter: Noooo, blast'em!
      (disaster ensues as Peter fires his proton gun)
      Peter: ...Ok, so I saw a Clint Eastwood movie last night and got carried away. Sue me.

    • Egon: Why aren't you looking for Slimer?
      Ray: It's a new theory of mine. Ever notice how if you go looking for someone, you almost never find them? Well, I figured if I wait in one place, everybody I've ever met in my entire life will come by sooner or later.
      Egon: Ray, I think you should know, that's the most ridiculous theory I have ever...
      Mrs. Milligan: Ray Stantz, hello!
      Ray: That's Mrs. Milligan, my 2nd grade teacher. Hi Mrs. Milligan.
      Egon: Ray, I think one of us needs a nice long vacation.

    • Winston: Slimer just can't help himself.
      Peter: Are you kidding, he helps himself to everything that isn't nailed down or on fire. But what use is he, huh, the first time I saw you, ya slimed me. You've been nothing but trouble since, so do us all a favor, cut it out!! Okay?!?
      Slimer: Yeah, (mumble, mumble) okay.
      Ray: You were awfully hard on him Peter, I think you hurt his feelings.
      Peter: Well, he has to learn. Besides, ghosts don't have feelings.
      Ray: Oh? I wonder...

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