The Real Ghostbusters

Season 1 Episode 6

The Boogieman Cometh

Aired Unknown Oct 18, 1986 on ABC

Episode Fan Reviews (3)

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  • Perhaps the best episode, definately top 3

    With its movie quality storyline, a truly terrifying villian, Character development from Egon, this has pretty much everything you could ever hope for. If this was made as ghostbusters 2 you can be sure as hell it would be as talked about as the first movie.

    Cons ? I think there are a couple of animation inconsistencies with size etc but it doesn't really diminish the overall quality.

    Animation - 9.5/10

    Story - 10/10

    Dialog - 9/10

    Production Values - 9/10

    Overall - 10/10
  • Called by two young children, The Real Ghostbusters are forced to do battle the Boogieman who frightened Egon as a child. They must use all their cunning and genious to overcome the foe that is not a ghost. In the end, the Real Ghostbusters Triumph. Truly

    The RGB's battle with the Boogieman-and his brilliant contaiment-makes for a wonderful episode. Its very rare to see the guys battle a Non-ghost. The connection to Egon's childhod makes this episode VERY wothwhile. The Boogieman himself is pretty darn creepy; a rarity for animated shows. A winner all the way!
  • Something's at the door

    The Boogieman in the closet is the common folklore myth that every kid I know is scared of. Personally I was never scared of it nor believed it. But still it's always an unsettling feeling to have, whenever you come home at night or are about to go to sleep of an intruder taking advantage of you where your most vunerable.

    This is another favorate episode of mine, I love the fact that kids are calling and hiring the Ghostbusters, and that the Ghostbusters believe them and are on their side. Though the parents don't believe their kids and think the Ghostbusters are crazy, how the heck the parents wouldn't know the Ghostbusters beats me, they must not have CNN.

    But what I like is we do see some depth into Egon's character and discover his deep motives for being a Ghostbuster. I like how they designed the Boogie Man which is strange looking but very unsettling and menicing it's basically just a giant walking head but it's a damn scary head. The Boogieman sort of reminds me of that demon face you saw for a brief amount of seconds in the horror film "The Exercist", I remember as a kid getting scared looking at him. Let alone that shrill tone of it's voice added to it.

    One of my favorate moments was seeing them conduct the trap and Ray was giving Peter grief. But the other was seeing a foot chase seen where we see the Boogieman's world which looks like an Uesher surrealist painting, we see them going from his world to the real world, that was awdsome.

    The message in this is facing ones fears, fear by it's nature really isn't made of anything, it's our own minds that give it substance. The ending was satisfying and gave me a good feeling, Egon the kids, and everyone else have nothing to fear.
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