The Real Ghostbusters

Season 2 Episode 49

The Devil to Pay

Aired Unknown Nov 19, 1987 on ABC

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  • Deadly Games

    This is another of my favorate episodes. There is just something about attaching evil to game contests that is fun and turns the suspense level at high because there is a 50 50 chance of winning or losing, however we want our protagonists to win because itf they lose well lets just say there will be now continues. This isn't that new a concept this was also in the Steven King movie/book "The Running Man" and the current 2008 film "Death Race". This episode never had a dull moment for me. The most suspenseful moment for me would be the game Spikes, which is a "Wheel of Fortune" like game only catch is that one friend has only three poles to hold him above the spikes and if he guesses one wrong word one pole after another goes. I couldn't help but be at the edge of my seat on that one since no vowel letter seems to be correct (usually they are) but the answer came as a supprise, heck even I couldn't of guessed it.

    Then there were the other games, like "Lets make a deal" and unfortunate it's not a car behind the right door. And the last game where they were all tied to a roulete wheel and they had to confess the most horrible secret ever to stop the ball from coming down to crush them. That part kinda reminded me of a sittuation in "Batman the Animated Series" where the Joker tied Batman to a roulete wheel and a hand grenade was the ball. Hearing each of the confessions from them was supprising but the last confession trust me is hillarous and disgusting at the same time, no wonder he wanted to keep it to himself some things are just best left hidden because their too horrible to know.
  • The Ghostbusters get sucked into a guy show playing for their very souls

    Very funny episode and surprising dark. I like this one because it wasn\'t as kiddie like as the other episodes. The Ghostbusters get sucked into a game show and discover that they are playing for their souls. The host is some minor demon who is intent on killing them.

    A good part was when the demon, Dib Devlin,asks Winston to make out the words in a \"Wheel of Fortune\" like game while Ray is hanging into three small pillars while spikes are below him. Then the last scene when they are all on a roulette table about to crush is also memorable. In the end, everything works out.
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