The Real Ghostbusters

Season 2 Episode 37

The Headless Motorcyclist

Aired Unknown Nov 03, 1987 on ABC

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  • Ghost Rider

    This is my favorate episode in the series because everything is done perfect. From some of the first half which is set up like a slasher film almost, in the party Vekman spots a beautiful girl knowing him he comes to her like a magnet, but then there is this guy named Bud whom is just a total jerk weed. You don't like this guy he's acting abusive toward the girl for no reason, I think it's her so called boyfriend I don't know I think she can do better. And just acts like he owns the whole building, all this just gives us more reason for the new ghost to nail the creep first, which he does yes.

    This episode was a way to retell an old American folklore short story "The Headless Horseman", back then I've never heard of that story. The ghost doesn't disapoint I really like the way it's designed sort of reminds me of the comic book superhero "Ghost Rider". It looks cool, meanicing but also that weird laugh makes it all the more creepy. He's also a rather hard target, it's true that all the other ghosts they've encountered are also not easy targets but he just about takes the cake. It has both strong offense and defense capabilities, from thowing an unlimited amount of explosive heads down to how fast and good a rider it is. Like one part Winston is trying to nail it in a confined space but it just outmanuvers him, it's that good. I even liked that one montashe scene where we see different versions of this ghost as time goes on, it just adds to the scary senseibility of the ghost knowing it hasn't been stopped for so long.

    I think what really made the episode stand out for me was not just did they have a very difficult opponent to as when as the creepy sensibility of it all but some of the strong sense of emotion involved. You really do feel pathos for the girl their helping (on a sidenote love the fact she was voiced by the actress that voiced the character Allura from "Voltron) just someone that is haunted and had to live with generations of terior and tragidy. But also Peter's character was at his best, he was still himself but as always deep down he possesses a strong sense of determination in him as well as a compassionate side which is on high whenever it comes to a woman he cares about, kinda like James Bond (well sort of).

    And of course the episode does have a good message about the importance of facing one's fears. And the ending is a sweet sense of relief as it is said no one can live in fear. But also for Peter what's romance without some danger.
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