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  • Good. But not as good as the original.

    This version of the original is about seven cast aways who are stuck on an island and must try to get saved while trying to get the others eliminated from the game. The only reason guys watch it is because of the chicks. Yeah. Ya heard me. That is pretty much the only reason why. Other than that, nothing else.
  • retarded

    I think "The Real Gilligan's Island"is about the most retarded show I've ever heard of! I mean come on! I love Gilligan's Island.....but they took that show and turned it into a reality nightmare........I absolutely can't STAND reality shows, like Joe Millionaire and garbage like that......the show may get good reviews by others, but they sure won't get one from me!
  • 7 castaways are really stranded on a real island in this "update" of "Gilligan's Island."

    This should be renamed "The Stupidest Incarnation Of 'Survivor' Ever Produced." Did Sherwood Schwartz even sign off on this show? This piece of garbage was a failed attempt to revive the original (and best) "Gilligan's Island" series. What it is, though, is nothing short of a monolith of suck featuring 14 real castaways (Wha? Why on Earth am I seeing double of everybody?), featuring a blonde Gilligan and a terrifying Professor (forget about Russell Johnson's lovable character--how about a big, jive-talking "Professor Of Love"?). Why producers of this series felt the need to cheapen the original classic with "Survivor"-esque competitions and too much sex appeal (though I admit that's not really bad) is beyond me.
  • A real first mate, a real skipper, a real millionaire couple, a real movie star, a real farm girl and a real professor-competing in head-to-head contests with a counterpart on another team to stay on the island, hopefully be rescued and win $250,000

    A good reailty series becomes more rare and more rare as lousy ones plague the primetime lineups. This show, however, is not one of those bad reality series. Located on a real uncharted island, 14 "castaways" compete to be rescued. There are two gilligans, two skippers, two millionaire couples, two movie stars, two farm girls and two professors compete to be called their characters name, and last until the final head-to head competition to win the $250,000. This is a really great show, but the second season was worse than the first. If they got some new games, some people who were ACTUALLY professors or millionaires and made being eliminated more fair than just a vote-off, this could become the best reality show on television.
  • i like this show it takes place as the old gillagan shows and movies!

    Yes! The Real Gilligan's Island is back! I love this show, and I'm so glad there's a new season! The new season is gonna be better than before! No doubt about it! And I know this reality-tv show will become one of the favorite tv shows by everybody watching TV! i hate it how they hate mary anne
  • Surprisingly entertaining

    I’ll be honest, the only reason I bothered to watch this show was because I’m unemployed and it was the only thing on Tuesday (during the day). I’m watching it right now, since they’re having the marathon.
    Even before watching this show I publicly mocked it. I thought it was a good, but overused idea, I’m a little burnt out on reality shows & elimination games. But this show is actually entertaining! I was shocked, I got hooked - no pun intended.
    Now let me say, I do love The Real World Road Rules Challenges, in part because I grew up with a lot of these people and seeing them “hook-up” and get eliminated is interesting. Most of the contestants on the Real Gilligan's Island make you interested as well. It doesn’t take long for drama to start unfolding. And one of the most interesting aspects is they actually qualify people for the show. Like the two “Gingers” are usually actresses or models & have to wear a evening gown constantly. The skippers are usually “seamen” being fishermen or retired Navy. The “professors” are actually professors or very intelligent men, like engineers. Gilligan and Mary Ann can be anyone, but like everyone else, they have to wear the “costumes” true to the character all the time.

    The challenges are pretty interesting as well, usually bringing out the worst in most of the contestants. One incident lead one of the professors to almost drowned, and Mary Ann, who was a “certified lifeguard” didn’t jump into save him. Or even assist. Leading the rest of the team to question her, and then she claims that she was only trained in “shallow water”. And she wasn’t the only one black listed, the professor, who almost drowned, was called out by his team as being the “weakest link”.

    Pretty good, if there’s nothing else better on.
  • I likr it !!!

    I'ver been watching The Real Gilligan's Island for the last 2 seasons I have become a big fan !!! I loved the Original when i was a kid & it's quite interesting & entertaining to see it with a reality twist & watch the castways fore aliences & see the sexualtention that we all knew was on the TV show Island !!! I reall hope it comesback for a 3rd Season !!!
  • This show is nothing more than Survivor with a Gilligan's Island theme.

    This show is what happens when you acquire the rights to Gilligan's Island and steal the concept of Survivor. As with all reality shows, the true quality lies within the cast. Now the concept behind this show is already uncreative, so the cast had to be top notch. But guess what, they completely sucked. These people couldn't build and keep an alliance for anything! They're complete newbies at the concept of voting people out in order to save your own ass.

    It's shows like this that give reality television a bad name. The second season is coming to an end, and hopefully it'll be the end of the series.
  • OH GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good lord what did i do to desirve this Crappy show. Ok The first season wasent bad But the new one Ahhhhhhhhhhh What The HELL Is going on Its just gon down the toliet so much It tried to pick up survivors gambit but faild missrebly It sickens my stumach to see a good idea Suck out loud
  • It's a show about ppl. who play characters from (i)Gilligan's Island(i) and they try 2 get off the island and be rescued.

    This show was good in the first season. It was funny and remotly interesting. but now its just stupid. This show should have been a 1 time thing b/ the "characters" are not funny at all and i just stopped watching. Hopefully this show is gonna be cancelled next year.
  • Easily the worst reality show. Possibly the worst show ever.

    June,19/05-Its back. Possibly the worst show ever introduced to the masses. The second season of Tbs's "The Real Gilligan's Island" has started, and its just as horrible as the first season. This show is as generic as can be. It certainly does not justify a four month advertising campaign. I have never been a fan of reality shows, and this kind of trash is the reason. It hardly does justice to the original classic comedy. It is unoriginal, unfunny, uninteresting, and a generally bad premise for a television show. I call it Survivor costume party, because it is basically Survivor in sailor suits and scimpy outfits.
  • Different from most other reality shows, in a good way.

    This show honestly isn't half bad. Alot of people I know think this show is lame, or really fake. It is both, but it's enjoyable in that sense. This show might be a half rip-off of survivor, but it makes up it own plots and stays on course of what makes a reality show good!

    The effects on this show are sub-par, they can't make up alot of good things, one time they said a mighty thunderstorm hit, that wasn't a thunderstorm, it was a fake bolt of lightning! IT WASN'T EVEN RAINING! This show makes it up with an upbeat cast, a very wide variety of music and classic sounds that make the show fun to watch.

    Overall this show is fun, it may not compete with some other reality shows, but it does well in what it tries to acheive. This show is worth some laughs, and has an interactive thing on its website. This show is somehow addicting, it really makes you want to watch it more! We could only wish it lasted longer, it takes about less than 2 months for one series to finish, but you still feel good, because they offer you so much into one episode. So if you become a fan of this series, you won't be dissapointed, you'll just want a little more.
  • A show like this makes you hope the don't make "The Real Bewitched" or something along the lines.

    Okay, I do watch "The Real Gilligan's Island", but I'm not proud of myself.

    Watching this show isn't a crowning achievement, but it isn't a total loss of an hour either. The show does have its share of the normal mediocre reality cliches, but hey, it's still entertaining.

    The challenges are much less in-depth than say those in Survivor and The Amazing Race, but I think they're still interesting and somewhat original. (Golfing with avacado pits?)

    Don't see this show if you were a fan of the old show. It won't be worth it.
  • Yes! The Real Gilligan's Island is back! I love this show, and I'm so glad there's a new season!

    Yes! The Real Gilligan's Island is back! I love this show, and I'm so glad there's a new season! The new season is gonna be better than before! No doubt about it! And I know this reality-tv show will become one of the favorite tv shows by everybody watching TV! Muhaha! The Real Gillgian's Island!