The Real Gilligan's Island - Season 1

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  • Episode 107
    Episode 107
    Episode 7
    As the season finale of The Real Gilligan's Island continues, Gilligan Chris and Mary Ann Kate clash over the vote at Voodoo Village the previous night. Gilligan Chris believes that Mary Ann Kate made the wrong decision, keeping one of their strongest competitors in the game, but Mary Ann believes she held true to her integrity and made the decision that was best for her. In spite of this, however, the two of them realize that they are the ones who need one another the most in the competition and that they must find a way to stick together. On the other hand, the Stearns continue their manipulative scheming, and force Mary Ann Kate into a position where she has to choose between two different alliances: the alliance she has with the Stearns, and with the promise she made with Gilligan Chris to take him to the final two. The Stearns will stop at nothing to turn Mary Ann Kate on Gilligan Chris, and to use her in getting themselves to the final two. That morning, the castaways are informed that they will once again head to the lagoon for their final safety competition. The castaway who wins this safety competition will automatically win a place in the final three, who will go on to compete in the rescue competition. The contestants are informed that their next challenge will be about observation skills and stamina. They will be asked a series of questions about each of their fellow castaways; if they answer correctly, they stay in place, but if they answer incorrectly, they are forced to move forward on their planks, which get thinner and thinner as they move along, meaning they will have to rely on their balance to keep from falling into the lagoon below, thus being eliminated from the challenge. Each contestant does equally as well as the next and brings forth their best game, but Gilligan Chris, who answered the most questions incorrectly and who had the most difficulty keeping his balance, was the first to go. Mr. Stearns was next and fell off at the next to last board of his plank. The competition was then down to Mary Ann Kate and Mrs. Stearns, who were then asked to move to the tip of their planks, where they would duke it out in a battle of balance. The two of them held strong for half an hour, until Mary Ann Kate, in a desperate attempt to gain immunity, made a pact with Mrs. Stearns to help her make it into the final three if she let her win the challenge; and thus she did! That night, before heading to Voodoo Village, accusations fly and everyone is on edge before the final vote takes place. Mr. Stearns pressures Mary Ann Kate into voting with he and his wife against Gilligan Chris, while Gilligan Chris makes every attempt to convince Mary Ann to vote against the Stearns. Torn, and unsure who to align herself with, Mary Ann Kate finds comfort in Mrs. Stearns, who tells Mary Ann Kate to vote for her, so that she doesn't have to choose between Mr. Stearns or Gilligan Chris, keeping her true to her word of not voting for either of them. At Voodoo Village, all votes go ahead as planned. Mary Ann Kate takes the safe route out and votes for Mrs. Stearns, while Mr. and Mrs. Stearns themselves vote for Gilligan Chris, who takes it upon himself to try to eliminate Mr. Stearns. Despite the fact that he played a tough game and did his best to stay in the competition, it was Gilligan Chris who was banished to the other side of the island that night, leaving Mary Ann Kate and Mr. and Mrs. Stearns as the final three. The castaways spend their final morning on the island enjoying their last breakfast together while sharing their favorite memories from their time on the island. Though the three of them agree that they have grown to be quite close throughout the competition, they are each ready to bring their A-games, reach the finish line, and earn themselves the grand prize. Scott arrives at camp later in the morning and gathers Mary Ann Kate and the Stearns at the campfire, and informs them of their final challenge. In order to win the rescue challenge, each castaway must win the attention of a helicopter flying above the island. To do this, they will be given a map that leads them through the jungle to a pile of huge planks, which they will use to construct large "S.O.S." sign. After this has been completed, they will search for a shovel which they will use to dig for their second map. This second map will lead the castaways to a riddle (which reads, "the path to a quarter of a million bucks begins with a single dollar"), which, once solved, will lead them to another location where they will dig for a treasure chest containing a torch and a third map. The third and final map leads the castaways to Voodoo Village, where they will light their torches, and then to the beach. The castaways will then swim to a large raft where they will light two safety flares. These flares will signal the helicopter, which will fly down to them and carry them off of the island. Each of the final contestants race in this tough, very grueling challenge. Mrs. Stearns begins with the hugest lead over her husband and Mary Ann, being the first to find the planks and build her "S.O.S" sign, while Mary Ann Kate suffers a huge loss of time getting lost in the jungle. However, the tide changes when Mr. Stearns bolts ahead of Mrs. Stearns at the trivia challenge, and is the first to find his torch and head to Voodoo Village. Mrs. Stearns comes in a close second, while Mary Ann Kate still struggles to catch up. Mr. Stearns lights his torch at Voodoo Village and races the ocean, only to look back and find his wife close behind. The husband and wife duo battle it out to swim to the raft, while Mary Ann Kate pushes through to Voodoo Village to finally light her torch and head to the beach. However, once there, she sees in the distance that Mr. Stearns has beaten his wife to the raft and is the first to light his safety flairs, making him the winner of the competition. Mary Ann collapses on the beach while Mrs. Stearns, exhausted, swims back to shore. The helicopter, seeing Mr. Stearns, flies down and picks him up to fly him away from the island. Once back home, millionaire husband Mr. Stearns, the grand prize winner, is greeted by his reward: the 2005 Ford Mustang and the $250, 000 cash prize. He immediately jumps in and drives off, leaving the island life behind.moreless
  • Episode 106
    Episode 106
    Episode 6
    As the first half of the season finale of The Real Gilligan's Island begins, we watch as the contestants begin strategizing more and more, as alliances begin coming into question and as the race toward the end of the competition draws nearer and nearer. The Stearns now realize that they are just as vulnerable as anyone else on the island and that their "alliance" may not be as strong as they think. They begin attempting to find ways to pick off each person left on the island one by one and to ensure their places in the game. This couple is definitely proving to be a force not to reckoned with. That same morning, the contestants receive another radio message and are asked to report the to the picnic tables for their next reward challenge. Upon arriving there, they are greeted by host Scott Lasky and are seated in front of five different platters, which contain each person's favorite meal. Of course, the castaways have come to expect some sort of unusual twist in each competition, but this next challenge definitely proves to be the most unusual thus far. Each castaway's favorite meal will be put into a large blender, which will be used to form a rather interesting concoction of various foods and tastes. The contestants will be given a five minute time limit, and if all five of them can finish the strange mixture under that time, they will win the reward: a dinner that evening, where each contestants will be able to actually eat their favorite meal. Low and behold, the contestants are able to suck it up and help each other get through the challenge, and they end up finishing the food challenge with a few seconds left to spare. That evening, the contestants sit together under the stars and enjoy their favorite meals, while discussing their experiences in the competition thus far, and having fun with one another on one of their last nights on the island. The castaways awake the next morning and spend a large part of the day relaxing; going fishing, swimming, sunbathing, or, if you're Gilligan Chris or Mary Ann Kate, staying in bed as long as possible. The rest and relaxation doesn't last long however, as the contestants are informed that they must prepare for their next immunity challenge. The contestants meet at the lagoon in the rainy afternoon, where they are informed of their next safety challenge. The contestants must race to find objects scattered underwater in the lagoon. Scott will call out an item, which the castaways will dive in to search for. However, there are not enough items in the lagoon for everyone, meaning whoever fails to come up with an item after everyone else has will be eliminated. This process will be continued until each castaway has been eliminated until only one is left. The last person standing will win safety at Voodoo Village that evening. The first item the contestants search for is a starfish, which each contestant easily finds with the exception of Skipper Jim, who is eliminated first. The second item is a treasure chest, which Gilligan Chris finds first, followed by Mr. Stearns and then Mrs. Stearns, leaving Mary Ann Kate cut next. The next item the castaways search for is a ship in a bottle, which Gilligan Chris, once again, is the first to find. Mrs. Stearns comes up with hers next, and Mr. Stearns is the third person eliminated. The final item in the search is a ships wheel, which both contestants struggle to find. Nonetheless, Mrs. Stearns finds it finds and she earns herself the safety ring. With Mrs. Stearns now holding immunity, there is much distress around the camp before the next elimination at Voodoo Village that evening. Mr. Stearns realizes he faces the most danger of being voted off that evening and makes pleas to everyone on the island to make sure he is not the one forced to go home that evening. Meanwhile, Mary Ann Kate struggles with the fact that she will end up being the swing vote that evening, and may have to decide between voting with the Skipper and Gilligan Chris, or the Stearns. At Voodoo Village, the castaways face their toughest vote yet, as it will be the last of them. Skipper Jim and Gilligan Chris decide to break up the power couple and vote for Mr. Stearns, while the Stearns take a shot at eliminating Skipper Jim, leaving the final vote to Mary Ann Kate, who decides to stick with her promise to not vote for the Stearns, and votes off Skipper Jim instead.moreless
  • Episode 105
    Episode 105
    Episode 5
    The morning after their first elimination at Voodoo Village, tension is obvious among the castaways, especially between Glenn Stearns and Ginger Rachel. The contestants are all eager to discuss strategy from here on out, and the questions of alliances and who can trust who are most definitely coming into play. However, the game must go forward. Early that morning, the castaways are informed that they will be competing in their next reward competition. The castaways meet host Scott Lasky at the beach, where he informs them of their next challenge. First, the castaways will pair up in three sets of two; Mr. and Mrs. Stearns obviously act as one pair, while Gilligan Chris and Mary Ann Kate pair up as the second, leaving team number three that of Ginger Rachel and Skipper Jim. Next, one of the contestants will be blindfolded while their teammate will be shackled to a pole. The contestant shackled to the pole will give their blindfolded teammate directions to the locations of two sets of keys, which they dig for. Once that person has collected the keys, they will return to their teammate, unlock their shackles, and the two of them will then race to unlock a trunk containing $5,000 worth of coins and cash, which they will keep and split between the two of them. Of course, it is the women who are the ones shackled to the poles while the men are left to do the dirty work of blindly digging in the sand for the keys. The competition gets off to a rough start, as it is a very difficult competition, but we soon see the Stearns and Mary Ann Kate and Gilligan Chris competing neck and neck, while Ginger Rachel and Skipper Jim are left considerably behind. However, all three teams compete fiercely and bring forth their A-game. The Stearns and Gilligan Chris and Mary Ann Kate race very closely against one another, and the competition is almost too close to call, at least until Glenn Stearns nervously begins fumbling with the keys, giving their competitors a small lead. This tiny advantage ultimately leads Mary Ann Kate and Gilligan Chris to unlocking their trunk first and winning the $5,000. That evening, following the reward competition, the castaways enjoy a night of rest and relaxation after a long, exhausting day by having fun in the dipping pool, giving one another relaxing massages, and enjoying each other's company on yet another beautifully island night. Nonetheless, Gilligan Chris has a few things to confront Mr. Stearns about, as he is eager to break away from their alliance and compete at his own free will. He tells Glenn that he plans on voting without any one else's help and that he doesn't believe it is fair to play the game based on the influence of another person or based upon any alliances. The fear that his alliance may be coming to an end only drives Mr. Stearns' competitive nature and he becomes very eager to ensure he and Mindy's spot in the game The next afternoon, the castaways head to the nearby lagoon for the next safety competition. The contestants arrive to see an intricate obstacle course, leaving them a bit nervous and a little anxious of what this next challenge will entail. Scott informs the competitors that their next competition for immunity will entail a race. The competitors will race through the obstacle course and the castaway who is able to get through it in the least amount of time will be proclaimed the winner, thus earning safety at that night's elimination. The obstacle course is definitely a physically demanding one; the castaways will first swing down a zip line, landing them in the water. Next, they will swim to a platform, where they will then cross logs to get to yet another rope, swing back into the water, and climb up a large cargo net to the top of a nearby ledge. Mr. Stearns kicks off the competition and makes it through the course in an amazing 43 seconds. Next up is Mrs. Stearns, competes equally as well, and misses her husbands score by a second. Then, Skipper Jim takes his turn, and does his best to land him a time of 2 minutes, 6 seconds. Mary Ann Kate is up next and scores a time of 49 seconds, followed by Gilligan Chris who earns a respectable 45 seconds. It is then up to Rachel Ginger to take the lead away from Mr. Stearns, and she nearly does; Mr. Stearns is only able to beat her by a few milliseconds. Thus, he is then announced the winner of the challenge, earning the coveted safety ring. That night, tensions mount before the castaways head to Voodoo Village. The Stearns are eager to figure out the swing of that night's votes, and they bring out their best strategy in order to ensure their places in the game and any alliances they may have in tact. This is a time where the vote could most definitely go anywhere. At Voodoo Village that evening, the contestants place their votes, but this time, without the notion of any alliances. The Stearns place their votes, of course, for Ginger Rachel, while Gilligan Chris and Ginger Rachel place theirs for Mindy Stearns. Skipper Jim surprisingly casts his vote for Mary Ann Kate, leaving that night's elimination in the hands of Mary Ann Kate, who ultimately places her vote for Ginger Rachel, thus banishing her to the other side of the island.moreless
  • Episode 104
    Episode 104
    Episode 4
    As the next episode begins, we watch as the gang returns to camp to investigate the damage Hurricane Ivan wreaked on their camp. To be expected, everything is in total disarray (though the huts, luckily, are still standing), and a major cleanup session is in need. However, the castaways remain optimistic and are thankful that the damage wasn't more serious than it could have been. In the midst of their cleanup, the castaways are surprised by host Scott Lasky, who has come to reveal yet another twist and turn to the game. It is now down to seven final castaways, who will be competing for a chance to be rescued from the island and for one ultimate grand prize: a brand-new 2005 Ford Mustang and a $250,000 cash prize. It is now every man/woman for themselves (including the millionaire couple), as there will only be one winner. The contestants will also be competing in two different kinds of competitions: reward competitions, for various prizes and rewards, and safety competitions. The castaway who wins in the safety competition will win immunity, meaning they cannot be banished at Voodoo Village (where eliminations from the game will take place) and they automatically advance to the next round. The competitors have very little time to allow this new twist to sink in before heading to their first reward challenge. As they meet their host at the beach, they are welcomed to a huge sand pit full of smelly, rotten, dead fish. What they are required to do is search through this pit of fish (as well as inside the several fishes themselves), for a diamond ring. The contestant who is able to find the diamond ring first will win an enticing, pepperoni pizza dinner. After a long while of searching through the disgusting pit of more than 800 fish (while both becoming ill and having to deal with several wretched odors and unpleasant fish mess in the process), MaryAnn Kate finds the ring and is announced the winner. She is allowed to invite with her to her dinner one guest, and she thus chooses her "partner in crime," Gilligan Chris. At their "date" that evening, MaryAnn Kate and Gilligan Chris enjoy a dinner of pizza and wine, while talking strategy concerning the game (something that Glenn Stearns, in the meantime, has proved to be more than concerned with). MaryAnn Kate expresses that she is more than happy to have a friend in the game, and states that she is ready and completely willing to do whatever it takes to ensure both her and Gilligan Chris a spot in the final two. After dinner, the two of them top off their night with a steam good night kiss and an intimate cuddling session. First thing that next morning, the castaways are informed that they will be heading to the beach to compete against on another in their first ever safety competition. Upon arriving at the beach, Scott informs the contestants of the object of the game: Each person has been designated a tiki that holds a life preserver, which is connected to a strand of three coconuts. What the contestants will do, is take turns smashing each one of their competitors coconuts. As each castaway's coconuts are smashed, their life preserver will be lifted from their tiki statue, meaning they are eliminated from the competition. The person who is left standing after the rest of their competitors have been eliminated will be announced the winner and will win immunity at Voodoo Village that night. As the challenge begins, the contestants waste no time smashing Ginger Rachel's coconuts, and she is quickly the first to be eliminated. From then on, each castaway employs their own methods of staying in the competition, including throwing off their competition by smashing their own coconuts. This method, however, does not work for Professor Pat, and he is the second one eliminated. Skipper Jim is the next to go, leaving the Stearns, Mary Ann Kate, and Gilligan Chris (members of the islands designated "alliance") running the game. Glenn Stearns wastes no time getting rid of Mary Ann Kate, but Gilligan Chris steps in and gets rid of him soon after. It is then down to Mindy Stearns and Gilligan Chris, who both have one coconut remaining. Mrs. Stearns debates whether or not to smash her own, or her competitor's coconut, but ultimately decides that she cannot bring herself to give up immunity, and eliminates Chris from the game, leaving her as the winner of the safety challenge. That evening, before heading to Voodoo Village, the castaways eagerly discuss strategy and their different alliances, and anxiously discuss who to get rid of that night. While the Stearns, Mary Ann Kate, and Gilligan Chris are eager to get rid of Ginger Rachel, the others have their own plan in mind: to get rid of Mr. Stearns, thus getting rid of the head of this so-called "alliance". At the elimination ceremony, the castaways are told of the voting process: each castaway will be given a choice of voodoo dolls representing each competitor and their character. They will place their votes by placing the doll of their choice into a box, the votes will then be tallied, and the person voted out of the game will be banished to the other side of the island. The results of the voting were nothing less than surprising. While Ginger Rachel, Skipper Jim, and Professor Pat all went ahead with their plans to vote off Mr. Stearns, the "alliance of four" diverted from their original plan of voting off Ginger Rachel, and chose instead to eliminate Professor Pat, offering quite a surprise to their fellow castaways.moreless
  • Episode 103
    Episode 103
    Episode 3
    As the next episode of The Real Gilligan's Island begins, we watch as the Gold Team recovers from their previous night's festivities and as both Ginger Nicole and Ginger Rachel prepare for their elimination challenge that day. Mr. Stearns begins the morning by setting out to investigate the current situation between Mary Ann Kate and Gilligan Chris. He is anxious to find out as much information as he can about their relationship, and just exactly what their motivations are. However, Gilligan Chris is quick to deny any misbehavior between he and Mary Ann Kate, and simply states that there is nothing between them but friendship (and a tiny bit of an alliance!) Nevertheless, its right down to business later that morning as it is announced that the Ginger's will be heading to a nearby lagoon for their head-to-head competition. When the teams finally arrive, Scott tells the Ginger's that it's their love of jewelry and the finer things in life that twill be the source of their challenge that day. The objective of the competition is to dive into the lagoon to find a total of fifteen "clams", each containing a large pearl. The first Ginger to collect fifteen clams, extract the pearls, and string them together to form a pearl necklace will win the competition and land a spot in the "final seven". While Ginger Nicole is confident about the nature of the challenge, Ginger Rachel has her doubts about how she will be able to perform, but is eager to the best job that she can do. As the challenge begins, Ginger Nicole starts off with the lead, proving that she will definitely be tough competition for Ginger Rachel. Rachel struggles with the diving portion of the challenge as first, but eventually gets a leg up when Nicole begins running out of energy half way through the challenge, due to a lack of energy from not eating. The two of them are neck and neck as they each move closer to obtaining the amount of clams they need, but a large burst of energy and a strong desire to win gives Rachel the lead. With Ginger Nicole still in the water and struggling to catch up, Ginger Rachel is able to leap ashore and string her necklace together in lightning speed, making her the winner and the island's "official" Ginger. That evening, the Gold Team celebrates yet another victory with a night at the movies (coincidentally, they end up watching an early version of Robinson Crusoe), and a special treat of popcorn, cold soda, and chocolate. While the Gold Team celebrates Ginger Rachel's victory, the Green Team spends their time gearing up for the final challenge between the two Gilligan's the next day. Gilligan Gooner seems more than confident he will turn up the winner, and is anxious to give the Gold Team a taste of their own medicine. Early the next day, the two Gilligan's head to the beach for the last head-to-head competition. Upon their arrival, Scott informs Gilligan Chris and Gilligan Gooner of their challenge: to see who can fill a large tub with the most water before the five minute time limit runs out. However, this competition is not as easy as it looks; in order to obtain the water to fill the tubs, each of the Gilligan's will have to spin around in a chair which will pump the water for their tubs. After pumping the water, they will fill up as many single buckets full as they can, race it to their designated tubs, and attempt to fill them up as much as possible before time runs out. Both Gilligan's work their hardest at the challenge, which is a test of both their concentration and their balance, two things that prove to be quite a hassle for Gilligan Gooner to handle. However, both he and Gilligan Chris compete fiercely and are eager for the win. The five minute time limit runs out quickly for the Gilligans, and it soon becomes time to find out which of them has won the challenge and the title of the "official" Gilligan. By a landslide, the winner ends up being Gilligan Chris of the Gold Team, leaving Gilligan Gooner banished to the other side of the island. With the final elimination challenge out of the way, the final cast of seven is now revealed: Chris (Gilligan), Kate (Mary Ann), Rachel (Ginger), Pat (Professor), the Stearns (Millionaire Couple), and Jim (Skipper). The new cast arrives back at camp to commemorate their accomplishments with a lobster feast, but their celebrations are cut off rather quickly when they receive news of an impending storm and the fact that the game will now take a few startling and unexpected twists and turns.moreless
  • Episode 102
    Episode 102
    Episode 2

    On this episode of The Real Gilligan's Island, the two teams face off once again in the battle of the Mary Ann's!

    As the show opens, both MarycAnn Kate and MarycAnn Amanda strategize with their teams in an effort to help their chances in the upcoming competition. As both of them are nervous about being on the chopping block, they are remaining upbeat and optimistic, and plan to give this challenge their all.

    When the time finally arrives for them to compete, the girls learn that they will be competing in a race to obtain a major ingredient for coconut cream pies: coconut milk. With the help of two team members, each Mary Ann must acquire the coconuts from the nearby trees, crack them open, and drain the milk in to five separate containers. The first competitor to completely fill all five containers with the coconut milk will be announced the winner and will receive a spot in the "final seven".

    Throughout the race, both Mary Ann's are neck and neck, as each of them are working their hardest to stay in the game, using any methods they can to gain the edge on the competition. However, while both of them worked very quickly, and did the best they could possibly do, only one Mary Ann can make it into the final cast. By an inch, quite literally, it is Mary Ann Kate of the Gold Team that comes out the winner and who has earned her spot into the "final seven". While this is yet another disappointment to the Green Team, they still remain optimistic that they will do well, and plan to put their best feet forward.

    After the competition, the Gold Team arrives to camp to find yet another surprise: a celebration in Mary Ann Kate's honor, of coconut cream pie.

    The celebration doesn't last for too long, however, as that evening, the teams receive yet more news from Voodoo Village: the millionaire couples will be competing against one another in the next elimination challenge. Both teams are pumped and anxious for the competition to begin, as they are excited to see who will come out on top!

    The next morning, as the millionaire couples prepare for the challenge that day, the reality of their situation becomes a little more real for Skipper Gooner and Ginger Nicole of the Green Team as they both battle serious hunger and sickness. With the help of the members of the Gold Team, however, the two of them receive some much needed help and assistance to make it through the day, much to the dismay of the Beavens of the Green Team.

    Nonetheless, that afternoon, in spite of the morning's debacle, everyone is now more prepared and in better shape, and the two teams are ready to focus on the upcoming elimination challenge.

    The competition between the Stearns and the Beavens is a tough one: each couple must prove that they are worthy of staying on the island by competing in an eating contest. The millionaire couples, along with their teammates, will eat a wide array of items (among of them being wild boar brains and chicken rectums), each "worth" a certain amount. Each time a team member completely finishes eating an item in under the time limit, the price of that item will be added to a tab. The millionaire couple who runs up the highest tab by the end of the competition will be declared the winner.

    While both teams did surprisingly well in the competition, the Green Team, once again, did not perform up to par, and the Gold Team took the victory again, meaning Glenn and Mindy Stearns were announced the official millionaire couple, and earned a spot in the "final seven".

    The gold team receives another reward upon returning home, as they discover a buffet of fresh foods, fine drinks, and a plunging pool. While taking the time to enjoy each other's company, Mary Ann Kate and Gilligan Chris of the Gold Team grow increasingly close, and decide to form a pact to watch one another's back throughout the competition.

    Once again, however, the mood is broken by more news from Voodoo Village: the Ginger's will face off in the next head to head elimination challenge!

  • Episode 101
    Episode 101
    Episode 1
    As the show begins, we are introduced to both teams of castaways as they board the S.S. Minnow, run into an unexpected storm, and make their ways to the island. As the teams arrive, however, they learn of the shows hidden twist: that not one, but two casts will be competing for the grand prize and for a chance to be rescued from the island. As there can ultimately be only one cast, though, each cast member from the two teams will be competing against their own counterpart for a spot in the final cast. The teams spend their first day on the island getting to know one another, spending time surveying and exploring the land, evaluating their resources, and setting up their living quarters. All goes well until the first night, however, when tempers with the Green Team flare up, and as each person begins to realize just how "real" their situation on the island is! On their second day, the teams awake to their first competition, where the winning team will win mattresses, sheets, pillows and personal items from home to help them make it through their time on the island. The Gold and Green teams are neck in neck in the competition (where the teams must swim out to a platform containing a pit of fire that they will drag to the beach in order to light a torch, which they will race back home where one of them will be declared the winner) until an unexpected accident hits the Gold team; Skipper Bob suffers an accident while running on the beach, and stumbles to the ground in pain and unable to move. While the Gold team stays behind to take care of their ailing teammate, the Green team gains the advantage and ends up winning the first competition. When the Gold team makes it back to the huts that evening, they are quick to make it known that they were less than impressed with the Green Team's lack of support for Skipper Bob, only fueling the rivalry between the two casts even more. The next day, Skipper Bob makes his return to the island for a brief time to make his team aware of his recovery, and to inform them that he will be departing the island. As if this was not a rough enough blow for the Gold Team, they then learn that they will be heading to Voodoo Village to find out which set of cast members will be competing against one another for a spot in the final cast of seven: the two professors At the elimination challenge the next day, the teams are led by their professors as they are assigned to build rafts that the professors will race in the ocean in order to retrieve their team's flag. The professor who makes it back to the island first after obtaining their flag will be named the winner and will automatically gain a spot in the final seven. It was a tough competition, but Professor Pat of the Gold Team was announced the winner, leaving Professor Eric of the Green Team to be banished to the other side of the island. On top of the Gold Team's victory, they also learn that they will be receiving fishing equipment as an added reward, much to the dismay of the Green Team. The celebration doesn't last long, however, as the teams receive new information from Voodoo Village: the Mary-Ann's will be going head to head in the next elimination challenge.moreless