The Real Gilligan's Island

TBS (ended 2005)


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  • Season 1 Episode 7: Episode 107

  • Let's take a look at the Season 1 castaways:

    Gilligan (Chris O'Mallley):

    Chris, a 20-year-old marina worker and student at the University of Massachusetts, is a kind-hearted guy with a reputation for his clumsy, easygoing and accident-prone nature. He once crashed a million-dollar boat into another million-dollar boat because he was distracted by a pretty girl.

    The Skipper (Jim Murray):

    Jim, is 55 year-old Massachusetts native who has spent time as a captain and first mate. Formerly in the US Navy, he has a vast knowledge of the mechanics and construction of boats. He is a natural leader and owns a stonemason business.

    Ginger (Rachel Hunter):

    Originally from New Zealand, Rachel is an actress and model who has starred in such movies as Best Actress, Rock Star, Sydney and MacArthur Park. She is also an international cover model, having posed for publications such as Sports Illustrated, Playboy, and numerous other publications worldwide.

    The Professor (Pat Abbott):

    Pat is a 64-year-old geology professor at San Diego State University, with a Ph.D. in geology from the University of Texas. He also makes videos about earth science, frequently appears on newscasts as an expert on natural disasters, and lectures on cruise ships. To this professor, science is not only his career but also his continuous life passion.

    The Millionaire Couple (Glenn & Mindy Stearns):

    A real life millionaire couple living in Los Angeles, Mindy and Glenn resourceful in two things: making and spending money. Glenn, himself, owns twenty six of his own companies, while Mindy has done work as a correspondent for KTLA's News at 10 and Entertainment Weekly. The Stearns' net worth is estimated at over $500 million.

    Mary Ann (Kate Koth & Amanda Dodson):

    A lover of nature and adventure (inheriting it from her mother, Janet Koth, of Survivor 6: Amazon), Kate is a 21-year-old farm girl from Manchester, Missouri.

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