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    Moving on, The Housewives of Atlanta. Why is everyone sucking Kim's big toe? They seem to make her the highlight of every event and entrance finale. Kim is not the only one that can't sing, but for years we tend to let people yell their hearts out and in the back of our minds we're saying, "she can't sing...". We go on pretending they sound good. But all in all the show goes from being wack to being entertaining. They love to make themselves entertaining, and I like that part. Do you think the nose and boob jobs make NeNe look any better? She does look spectacular. I think it's the fact that NeNe transmits the message to herself that she looks good, and that in turn makes her feel good. I don't think it's the surgery @ all. It's her inner self-esteem improving which allows her to be more radiant and given that, she looks better to herself and to others. Cynthia...Phedra...good additions. Apollo reminds me of college. I find myself always saying I can study and have a boyfriend @ the same time... You don't have to lock him up! Hey, what is it w/black female Lawyers that make you spend most of the time asking when in the world are they coming back to earth? I have a few of them, and I love them like sisters, but it's tough signaling them to walk on the grass; extremely tough, but they are good folks... Cynthia needs a vacation and so do I... It's tough and it will break your back pretending, and sometimes it feels like no one understands, but they do...TAICS!

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