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  • 9.0
    Sheree name start with an S for a reason. Always trying to appear concerned however in my opinion she is just gathering dirty to throw later... This thing with Porsche and kandi I believe that Ms. Porsche is telling a lie on what happen between her and kandi I can see it in her actions and body language I just don't believe the housewives are very beautiful black women , strong women, success women.... I love you ladies keep me watching
  • Sharee and Margo

    I think Sharee and Margo are just starting stuff. I would never trust them with a ten foot pole. They are messy
  • What goes around comes around

    I personally feel that we are, whom we affiliate ourselves with. I do not feel sorry for Kenya. She's getting a taste of her own medicine. She has bullied people on the show with her negative attitude, now it's being returned through Matt. She's scared and she can't handle it. I sure hope that one day she finds the right man for her. Kenya has to take her dogs EVERYWHERE with her, REALLY?
  • same old same old

    the show has falling get rid porshe she never has a storyline. heard she is sleeping one of exec kandi is boring fakedra and sheree heck the whole cast needs to go we need new cast members same old storlines it is old.

    Kenya please leave Mat alone, he is not stable and it is going to be hard to get rid of him but you must let him go. He have problems that need to be resolved before he bring other people into his life. His family knows that he got problems that's probably why he was not with someone when you all met. Please be careful, I write and do domestic violent Plays and this is a very serious issue. I really want you to watch yourself, you have been through a lot in your life and I just want you to have someone that you can enjoy life with instead of dealing with craziness!!
  • Kandi Coated Shade

    Is it just me or has Kandi been drawn into her mother's territory of passing rumors and making shade? I find myself disliking her behaviors even more than Kenya's.

    The attacks on Phaedra when she is divorcing with two very small children is disgusting at best and vicious at worst.

    Kenya needs a dose of self awareness and get some therapy under her belt, especially if she wants to try to have a child. SHE is her problem.

    Porsha is ambitious and seems to have her act together as does Cynthia. I miss the Nene factor completely.
  • Last season

    I have always been a RHOA fan , but this season has been hard to sit thru an entire episode. IT FREAKIN SUCKS. I find myself fast forwarding it's so boring. Kenya, Cynthia Lord help them they suck . Get rid of mama Joyce , Kenya, Cynthia. The whole dang show. It's done.
  • No Shade.

    Hi ladys love the show,as for porsha,i love her dearly,its so great you are going for anger management and i know it is very difficult to deal with some of the ladys and the shade they give,i do think for a woman your age they would have reacted the same way you did,as for Cynthia,i was very shoked at her behavior,she is a better person than that,i think peter have her stressed and Cynthia is to blessed to be stressed,lol thats porsha slogan,you go girl,lately all the ladys has been stressed,now on the other hand,kandice you was my favorite since exscape,your character just does not seems like its for this show,all in all the only ones i dont understand is kenya and sheree,they are just to old,everything about them is always a competition,kenya always provoking some one,kim fields,love you girl from facts of life to living single,you should bring out regene honey,hope i spelled that right,and as for chris,honey i have not yet seen nothing gay about him,his character is just different from the other men,Cynthia i love you to death but it seems if peter has been stressing you out girl,you are soooo beautiful for your age,be proud,i apologize if i offend you,but i do think peter is keeping a lot of secrets from you,all the ladys seems to be so mad,one minute you all are loving each other then the next the beast comes out,i think the show has so much control over your life until its making all of you step out side of your character,to me thats not good,pheadra,,,stop please,you are better than that,your husband is your husband atleast stop allowing the show to show that part of your life to the public,your sons are so preciouse,its not fair for them to have that type exsposure,your relationship with your family should be private,all the money in the world could make me exspose that part of my family is so sweet and smart,i start drowning in tears evertime i see him and his brother,its nothing in this world are about the show that i care more about than .that.
  • kenya moore the cheap whore

    nene ur my kinda gal #keepitrealkeepitmoving

    porscha u make me laugh

    kenya your just bad tv get off the show n well done porscha for attackin the cheap nasty whore but you made yourself look very unclassy still love ya

    whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa always drama hahahah

    love from sacha r england
  • Why is Kenya so messy

    Why is Kenya so messy? But I fell like porsha and isn't messy and i don't think that yall should keep blaming things on her. But I like how how Kenya husband is so protective but I don't think Todd should have put appolio business out like that

    I also don't like how kim was trying to stick up for her husband when she wasn't even there to see what happens so really nene and porsha no. Don't get me wrong I like kim because she isn't loud or drama like but I just didn't like that . I like porsha and nene because they really speak they mind and yeah if somebody say something to then they not gone just sit there but Kenya is really to much and she starts to much drama.

  • Need NeNe

    This season it appears as though the characters are struggling. I miss NeNe because she brings real was rather than fake. I thought the main purpose of a reality show was to bring " the real " even though it is scripted. This season is heading in the direction of final. I know Kim Fields can revive the show but let's allow her to be real. There needs to be an episode where Kim tell Kenya that junk she made is an absolute flop. Someone like NeNe or myself need to bring these so called want to be divas down to earth. We all saw the house Kenya was suppose to be remodeling now the house looks like it is being rebuilt back up in the woods off a rocky dirt road. Porsha??????? The church lady needs to stop straddling the fence. It appears her lines always show her talking behind someone back??? If you know what you are saying is right, why bite your tongue. I hope she is not that way in court. The housewives need realness again. I only been watching for three seasons this is my fourth. I can truly say BORING and I know I miss NeNe.
  • She's getting bad..

    I love the show however, it's hard to watch lately because Kenya is being so cruel. She is jealous and not secure with herself. Making fun of people for no reason. She has no man n pock marks all over her face. Needs to be replaced. She's mean because she's not happy. I can't stand watching her anymore.
  • Kenya needs a mental evaluation

    I have been watching RHOA since it began. I have never been as confused and sickened by someone as I am Kenya. This woman is so messy, mentally unstable and just basically a piece of shit. All she does is make other people miserable with her constant mean remarks and fake ass smile. This woman had the balls to sit with Kim Fields and compare herself to Kim as a Hollywood presence. Kenya come back to reality you aren't even a D lister you are a no lister. Did anyone see Kim's face when she compared her she was confused. Kenya hates on everyone and has to act like she is more than what she is all the time. That no class ass launch party she threw for her hair products. Kenya deserves to be homeless, broke and placed on an island where she can no longer cause anyone else any issues with her ignorant ways. RHOA please get rid of this bitch as I think I speak for all of America and possibly the whole world.
  • It should be slutty, messy, trifling, idiot women of Atlanta

    I was called and told to watch this show . These are grown, older women, that are supposedly intelligent women, but I find them a disgrace to Black women everywhere. They dress like Hookers, and their vulgar language is a disgrace. Women out there in TV land, please don't let your daughters watch this garbage. They could not be role models for my dog. Cynthia, sit your old behind down. You have a what, 17 year old daughter? Act like a Mother should instead of on a boat fighting. Kenya, you have the biggest mouth, you're always keeping up some type of drama. Girl, get a clue, you are not in High School, and you talk about having children, grow up first, get a husband, and carry yourself as a lady, and not a hooker. Phaedra, Church lady, just ask yourself, what would God say about you. You are such a Christian, and all I saw was you showing your body off to the world. I know that your Mother, the Pastor, taught you better than that. I know she told you, you should always leave something to the imagination. Porsha, none of you women are friends, and I doubt if any of you even know the definition of friendship, or any other words because you come off as idiots. Porsha, stop sleeping with every man you meet. I know, or should I say I hope you're better than that. All of you should be embarrassed . You chose to make yourselves look like low down, slutty, trifling women to make money. That doesn't say much for any of you does it. You come across as cheap women, even if you have money. Kim, run like the wind. You have a loving family, please keep your self-respect and find some other show to be on. I watched this show three times to see what it was all about, and guess what, I found out it's about the slutty housewives of Atlanta. I do hope all the housewives in Atlanta are not like this. I pity these ladies. Who am I? I am a lady, a Veteran, a Mother, and a Grandmother, and I feel sorry for you women. I can't even call you ladies, because you don't carry yourselves as ladies. Get a clue?
  • Cancel this show!!

    When are you going to do us a favor and cancel this dispicable program. I've never seen such arrogant, self-centered, "wanna-be" actors in all my years of watching TV programming. These so-called "women" of Atlanta are NOT, in my opinion, a role model of ANY kind, especially for other women in Atlanta and throughout the country. Their petty-ass squabling, fighting, yelling, name-calling is NOT a program worth watching. I don't know why you (Bravo and its producers) bother to film these babbling idiots! If they think their sh*t doesn't stink, I've got a news flash for them. It's obvious that these "women" have nothing more to do than prance around and show-off their bangles/beads and phony make up. They all should be taken to a pig farm and have to live without all their pretencious costumes, makeup and wigs. Let them shovel pig sh*t, feed the pigs whey and curds for a couple of months. Then, MAYBE then, they might drop their phony airs and live a life of civility. Lord help us by cancelling this program. There is no reasoning, in my opinion, why one would want to spend time and money filming these "women" of color who obviously want to make an impression. They are NOT role models of any kind and what about the youth that are tuned in to this? Do you really want them (and others) to view this inane programming? Again, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do ALL of us a FAVOR and CANCEL this program ASAP!! Thank You.
  • All these women are fake

    These women are a joke.

    (NENE) Big mouth,full of garbage,greedy,fake,and greg is a ponce.

    (KIM) Trash,hoe,brain dead,fake,liar,and a hole.

    (CYNTHIA) Dope,liar,fake,stupid,and her husband is using her for her money,basically pimping off her and she should of listened to her sister,also this will end in tears.

    (Peter) User,ponce,player,liar,fake,attention seeker and will be found out.

    (Phaedra) Fake,talks garbage,liar,hoodrat,plastic,and should get kicked off the show.

    (Apollo) Ponce,fake,liar,user,this punk must of been laughing all the way to the bank when he married plastic Phaedra,but prison seems to be a place he likes as he must like men (bottyman)and another hole that should never be in this show again.

    More comments to follow concerning the rest of the cast.

  • Here We Go AGAIN - It's All ABout Ne Ne!!!

    Seriously - that reunion tonight was garbage. Of course, as one would expect, it ultimately ended up becoming "ALL ABOUT NE NE". She can't take criticism even on the remotest and most constructive level. BooHoo - OMG, everyone's against me! I've suffered sooo much and nobody understands where I'm coming from! Let me tell you Queen Ne Ne, there's so many more people on this earth that have bigger problems than you have and have suffered way more than you!!!! What pisses me off is: all the other ladies fall for her absolute crap and try to make amends, appease and sympathize with her when that is so very much NOT how they truly feel, the so-called "doctor Jeff", apparently he's a psychiatrist (seriously???) - is such a kiss-ass - up Ne Ne's arse like his life depends on it - so pathetic! His reaction and comments to Queen Ne Ne's behavior tonight were absolutely laughable and destroyed all his credibility. Queen Ne Ne is no different than she has been on every single other show - an arrogant, self-centered, greedy, egotistical, selfish, inconsiderate, rude and EXTREMELY CRUDE excuse for a "lady" - she puts ladies and women in general to shame - no matter what creed or colour! She just becomes more stupid and pathetic with each season. The most annoying thing is that she keeps incessantly interrupting and yelling over everyone else - she thinks her voice and what she has to say is more important than anyone else's. She's just becoming way more ridiculous than she was before (and that is really saying something!). After all these years her crocodile tears are BS. She could stand on her head and spit nickels and it wouldn't mean diddly - she's so phony! Get a grip and start acting like a lady. She must think people are idiots to fall for her crap. Shameful!

    This show is so hilarious! These are definitely the fakest housewives I've ever seen and quite frankly they are a disgrace to all African Americans and women alike. I know the show is a big front, but this is absolutely ridiculous. I think these women are so miserable that they have nothing else to do but put each other down. They have sold their souls for gold, its not worth it and its a crying shame. Kandi and Claudia have the realest personalities and can actually call themselves women. I'm glad Claudia put Nene in her place because she is the fakest by far, in body and mind. They all put up a facade and have no concept of reality. Who cares how much money they have, because that's all they can claim. They can't claim Jesus, real love or real happiness. I feel sorry for all of them!
  • Really?!?

    If anyone believes Nene's breakdown, your pathetic with a capital "P". She is the fakest b*@#h I have ever seen. Not only is she rude and classless she is an abarrassment to any successful African American woman. I am ashamed of her behaviors and how incredibly nasty she truly is! All of you who kiss her ass, please ask this the person I want representing me or my culture?!? If you say yes, you must be as ignorant as people already think you are!!
  • PLEASE take Claudia and Kenya off the show

    As a HUGE fan and avid watcher of the show, I would sincerely appreciate it if they would take these two off show. I literally only watch this season for Nene and Phaedra. For one, the title of the show is called "Real Housewives of Atlanta". Claudia and Kenya; neither one of these ladies are from Atlanta, or a housewife. It is also highly frustrating that these ladies are also a horrible example of what real black women represent. As a black woman myself, I don't want anyone to thibk that this type of behavior is typical of an African American woman, and it has gotten to the point where I'm disgusted. I honestly don't believe I can watch another season with these two on there. Most definitely will not be able to watch it with Claudia on it! PLEASE take these women off the show!

    I'm sure you guys like drama for ratings but this season (7) was so distasteful it reminded me of basketball wives!! Cynthia - plain nasty. did she have to lower her standards to stay relevant for the TV??

    Kenya- why i this irritating woman on this show?? she's too loud, scandalous and does Black Women and OUR history an injustice by acting a fool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Claudia- CAN ANYONE EXPLAIN WHY SHE IS HERE?? She's clearly someone who starts trouble and tries to stay relevant by going after NeNe . Is this the only way she can guarantee a peach? Why haven't yall made Porscha full time?? Yall need to bring back Sheree. And honestly I would not watch this show if it weren't for NENE say what you want she's a woman who has grown and true CLASS is when you can check someone by just walking away and she is smart enough to know that acting a damn fool wont land her acting roles. ( claudia should take lessons instead of bashing her)

    I like Phaedra, Kandi, and Porcha. I don't like to see people get fired but PLEASE GET RID OF THESE OTHER WOMEN. they were so irritating to watch I felt compelled to write this review!
  • My thoughts

    Hmmm... Kenya n Claudia n Cynthia are complete b***..... Nene is tha realest woman on that show... Thumbs up nene... Thaedra also a real out for kandi tho not a gud friend to me... N porsha is kool.... Dnt let the silicone barbie get u dwn

  • The Fake and Phoney

    Housewives of Atlanta was horrible this season. They need to fired Cynthia, Kenya, Claudia, and Peter. Cynthia and Peter look old as hell and they just need money so bad it's ridiculous. It's amazing what people would do for money. Cynthia is a bold face hypocrite and a dumb ass. Peter should be a woman and who wants a husband that gossips like a woman besides Cynthia looking stupid and dumb. Those four where fake and phoney I can't even watch the show when they show them. This reality show is getting worse and if those four stay on I won't watch their next season; if there's another season.
  • Cynthia is an Idiot

    Its hard for me to believe that Cynthia is so dumb. First she lies to the viewers and tries to make everyone believe that she had Phaedra's best interest at heart, and that there was no malicious intent; ARE YOU KIDDING ME. That's blatant maliciousness! When Phaedra said she was going to leave Cynthia where she found her, perfect, because Cynthia could never be a friend of mine. And although Apollo said he was lying about having anything to do With Kenya, their actions spoke louder than their words, Phaedra was within her right in the way she approached Kenya and for that phone stealing Kenya to try to compare the two scenarios is idiotic. She set Cynthia up and she fell right in the trap. Anyone that is led to do anything that Kenya says is as stupid as rocks. By the way I love Kenya's aunt; what a classy lady. Candy should wake up! Todd should have been gone long ago. The way Candy allows her mom to treat Todd and to treat Todd's mom the way she did is scandalous. If Joyce is acting a fool for ratings and for a paycheck then she wins the award for the most abusive real Mom I've ever seen. No mother would treat her daughter and her husband the way she treats Candy and Tod even for a paycheck. And Candy if you don't care what people say, maybe you should think about the example you are setting for your daughter, its pathetic the way you let your mom treat you. I'm growing weary of all the BS housewives shows, they're all pathetic...

    First off For Demetria to day to Phadera at the dinner in PR the only thing we have in common is the number 8. Was 2 Kenya is such an idiot didn't Apollo have fake texts on her... Kenya is such a sad person she posses no true talent and is focused on Phadera because she does want Apollo. Claudia dragon toes is another MESS.. to go to Portia Work and bring up there issues was a punk messing with my coins will get a bitch cut easily. I mean really and the Cynthia Baliey I had so much respect until that whole Chocolate thing came up her broke ass should be worried about all that Debt they still got and Yes her Husband is a hoe. Nene and Khandi make that money girls.
  • circus side-show

    Ne-Ne (NO-NO), Phedra and Porsha never have anything nice to say about any woman who looks better than them, classier, higher IQ; these moose looking, windbags are no better than a circus sideshow. Their best days are long gone.
  • Nene response to Cynthia storyline

    Nene talking about Cynthia doesn't have a storyline . my question to her is what is her storyline for this season
  • Is this Mean girl the movie

    I lost respect for you Cynthia Bailey, and I believe you are too old for acting like a mean girl trying to tear another woman down for ratings. I met Pharaoh Parks, and she is an upstanding women. I think it is ridiculousness to believe anything Apollo has to say based on his criminal record and the many lies he has made. Two innocence boys are involved and to make false accusation that can affect young kids as they get older is wrong.
  • Claudia, Demetria and Marlo are Refreshing and...

    Still love Kandi, and Phaedra, they're my favorite veteran cast members, but Claudia is my new favorite, and Demetria is a sweet girl that should be featured more. Marlo was a good friend to Nene, and a seemingly, a sweet person.

    Can't stand Nene OR Kenya who are both distasteful. They don't help with the ratings, but disgust me with the way they treat their friends.

    Kenya calls out Natalie, but don't know anything about her. She also told Porshia's business to Nene on purpose, after Porshia asked that it not be shared that she moved into Nene's neighborhood. Kenya's also started judging Mallory for moving into Cynthia's, and that wasn't her place to confront her. I wonder about her social skills.

    I don't mean any disrespect, but Cynthia is just boring.
  • Tag-A-Long To Get A Long

    Bravo please take Kenya and Claudia off of The Real Housewives of Atlanta! Has Bravo redefined the defintion of Housewife? These two woman are Not Housewives of any kind! They both have taken away the show concept. They both look stupid just being on this type of show. Bravo took Porsha off of the opening shot with the ladies holding a Peach and instead there is Claudia and Porsha was a Housewife when she came on the show. And because she defended herself against Kenya Bravo denines Porsha the opening shot. That was Low! One thing for sure Every lady who started on Housewives of Atlanta Was Married, Divorced, Engaged, Got Engaged, Re-married, Got Married. Kenya came on the show Begging for her Date to Marry Her and whining about having a child!! Which nothing has happened then or now! Claudia? Oh Please. I'm Done with this show has well has a whole lot of other people!! I was a HUGE FAN but not anymore!! One last thing Kandi please stop putting your Sex life out there and talking divorce with your assistance! It doesn't matter if she is your BFF Forever! Go seek a marriage counselor!! Bravo get it together!!
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