The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Sunday 8:00 PM on Bravo Premiered Jul 31, 2008 In Season



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  • Really, I dont get this show they are all a bunch of idiots who drive around getting botox and fighting with each other all the time.

    Ne Ne ; now first of all NeNE seems kind of cool but I would not want her as a friend she be talkin s*** about people all the time.
    Deshawn ; she seems like a sweet heart but I dont think she has alot going on in her brain.
    Lisa ; Lisa is actually pretty chill , its too damn bad chill does not make good TV, she is boring.
    Kim ; Ah once every time period someone changes the world, but its sure as hell not Kim. she thinks she has singing talent and doesnt know anything about singing. This is the perfect specimen of a person who uses money to get what they want(Believe me Paris Hilton will be reviwed soon enough.) Voice coach lady; Kim , you kinda, dont know what your doing. (lol thats sad) Kim ; shes telling me I dont know the ABC's of Music, I dont need to im a singer. And the award for stupidest qoute ever goes to Kim.
    As someone who takes Voice and piano lessons I know that, she is completely ignorent and stupid and doesnt know anything about singing.
    Sheree; No one cares and I have a life to get back to so lets just say she's a snob.
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